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ECT Club Event/Ride General Guidelines

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  • Steven Kung
    The Community Exchange Cycle Touring Club (ECT) is a non-profit organization with the goal of connecting world communities through reciprocated exchange cycle
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2006
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      The Community Exchange Cycle Touring Club (ECT) is a non-profit
      organization with the goal of connecting world communities through
      reciprocated exchange cycle tours.

      Our club rides aim to help riders achieve self-reliance in a
      supportive group setting.

      We provide route and direction details so riders may choose to join or
      leave the rides according to personal needs.

      We recommend bringing the following gear:


      Wireless Phone


      Hooded jacket or head covering as necessary.

      Rain gear as necessary

      Riding glasses

      Sun block lotion

      Ear plugs (to muffle traffic noise on highways)

      Tool pouch/multi-tool

      Frame Pump or CO2 Inflator/Cartridges

      Lights as necessary

      Spare tubes/Patches

      Water bottles or Hydration pack


      Bike: (Preferrably with fenders in case of rain)

      In general, club rides are led by bike mechanics; no rider left behind.

      All riders will need to sign a Liability Release Agreement before
      departure. Under 18 riders please be accompanied by an adult.


      Steven Kung, 503-957-6672, sfnkung@...
      Aaron Tarfman, aaron@...

      Liability Release Agreement & Code of Conduct

      Community Spin Training & Cycle Repair Clinic
      Club Group Ride
      (Community Events Sponsored by The Community Exchange Cycle Touring Club)

      By signing my legal signature under the column entitled "Please SIGN
      of the Student Sign Up Form, I agree to the following:

      I participate in the events hosted by the organization above at my own
      risk. Any accidents or injuries incurred during the event inside the
      event space or on planned event routes shall not be the responsibility
      of the event organizers or the venue owners.

      I will not hold any of the event organizers or assistants for any
      damage or loss incurred on my bicycle or vehicle during or after the
      above event.

      I understand that the safety of the participants is of the highest
      priority during the event. Therefore I will participate with full
      respect of the instructions and advices of the event organizers and
      assistants on both mechanical issues and riding safety.

      When I apply the instructions and advices either inside or outside the
      above event, I take full responsibility for all consequences that result.

      I will return all tools to the location where I found them before the
      end of the event.

      I will not transport any event property, materials, and tools to any
      space outside of the event space.

      If I damage any property, materials, or tools during the above event,
      I will immediately bring this to the attention of the event organizers
      or assistants.

      I agree to not utilize the above event time, space, materials, and
      tools to charge any event participants monetary compensation for any
      work I perform during the event. Any work I perform during the event
      shall be considered voluntary.

      I will respect and abide by all laws and rules of the road during the
      above events.

      I understand our club is a supportive organization. Therefore I will
      do my best to support other club members should they require
      assistance of any kind during the club events.

      11. I grant full permission without compensation to the event
      organizers in their utilization of any photographs, videos, or travel
      logs taken of my participation for purposes of promotion.
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