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  • psychology101shadow
    http://www.shadowpeoplebooks.com Hello Group….I am somewhat new to this group. I am conducting research for my upcoming book concerning parallel universes. I
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      Hello GroupÂ….I am somewhat new to this group. I am conducting
      research for my upcoming book concerning parallel universes. I know
      this is a controversial topic and the "String Theory" is not accepted
      by all. I am very much interested in your opinion in regard to the
      possibility of the existence of parallel universes and if man is
      capable of traveling between alter-dimensions of time and space. I
      also believe in `Shadow People' and feel a clue to their existence
      may be found in other dimensions. As I said, I would like to propose
      a new topic of discussion for this group. If you are interested,
      please let me know your feelings on `Shadow People' and/or `Parallel

      "Shadow People-Spectators or Participants?"

      Strange mysterious creatures that are only seen at the edge of
      normal vision have been reported for hundreds of years. People from
      all walks of life have encountered these wispy creatures that seem to
      originate in the world of dreams. Suddenly the sightings seem to take
      on a sinister tone as these apparitions become more aggressive. Who
      or what are they and where do they come from? What is their agenda?
      Are they friend or foe? These questions and more are answered as a
      parapsychologist leads an attempt to find the truth. All is not as it
      seems as technological advances are used to investigate mysterious
      deaths that seem to be related to the rash of sightings. Old legends
      and gospels left out of the Bible hold the key to the question that
      everyone is asking. Are these "Shadow People-Spectators or
      Participants?" A paranormal thriller that may cause the reader to
      check under his bed before going to sleep.

      "Dreams-The Gateway"

      "Dreams-The Gateway" is a paranormal thriller that introduces
      the science fiction fan with the term "dream tranversion." A young
      boy soon learns that he possesses a special gift. Early in life he is
      able to enter the mysterious world of dreams and interact with the
      dream process. As he matures he further develops this ability into a
      new technology that holds many great promises for mankind. The
      government soon learns of his ability and funds future research and
      then later drafts his discovery for use in the war against global
      terrorism. The ability to control the dreams of enemies is considered
      the most powerful weapon ever developed. Along with the ability to
      interact in the land of dreams the professor discovers a link between
      dreams and man's conquest of the unknown. His program and assistant
      are relocated to a secret island government base to complete the
      research into the possible use of dreams as a weapon. Unexpected
      events soon force all involved to face the nightmare unleashed by the
      new technology. All who transverse into "Dreams-The Gateway" will
      step into a fast paced paranormal adventure.

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