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Europe's Journal of Psychology

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  • Adriana Ros
    Dear colleagues, With great pleasure, we announce the launch of Europe’s Journal of Psychology, in January 2005. The Journal will appear periodically on
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 17, 2004
      Dear colleagues,

      With great pleasure, we announce the launch of
      Europe’s Journal of Psychology, in January 2005.
      The Journal will appear periodically on the Internet
      in electronic format and will be access free. The
      official address will be www.journal.psihologie.net

      The initiators of this project are: The Faculty of
      Psychology and Educational Sciences – University
      of Bucharest, The Association of Psychology and
      Educational Sciences Students’, and

      In order to reach the main objective of our project,
      we will create a network of international cooperation.
      Therefore we are now looking for international
      collaborators and also national representatives in
      Psychology Faculties all around Europe.

      The main responsibilities of a national representative
      involved in our project are:
      - to promote EJOP in his Faculty/ University
      - to coordinate article writing of his Faculty’s
      - to write articles

      International collaborators will be actively involved
      in article writing and will support us to promote EJOP
      in different ways.

      Both National Representatives and Collaborators will
      be mentioned on EJOP Internet Site and they will gain
      international publication credits and international

      We use this opportunity to invite all those interested
      in joining our project to visit the official site of
      Europe’s Journal of Psychology at:
      ANNEXES to this email will also bring more

      The email address for contacting us is:

      Best regards,
      EJOP Team


      The main objectives of Europe’s Journal of
      Psychology are:

      Communication - Facilitating communication and
      exchange of information at intercultural level, in
      order to help the strengthening of an European
      identity by respecting the principle of unity through

      Mobility - Assuring virtual mobility as a way to
      compensate the shortened possibilities of physical
      mobility between European countries, especially
      between Western and Eastern Europe.

      Informing - Offering a very good quality international
      Initiative - Energizing and stimulating psychologists,
      helping the expression of their own opinions, making
      the ideas practical, valorizing creativeness and
      renewing potential, encouraging the youth to carry out
      their own research and specialty studies.
      Research - psychological investigation of the European
      space (European identity, European conscience,
      European citizenship, civic and social responsibility,
      globalization, democracy).

      The content of the Journal:
      • Editorial - teachers, professionals and
      specialists from Romania and the European Union are
      going to express their opinions regarding:
      -the way psychology is practiced in Europe,
      -the role of psychology in the social life and the way
      this role is perceived by the large public,
      -the role of research in psychology and means of
      development in this aspect,
      -the role of psychology in the cultural and valoric
      fundamenting of Europe.
      • Interview - well known personalities in the
      field of psychology are going to express their
      opinions regarding a wide range of modern
      psychological subjects.
      • Opportunities - what's new in the field of
      psychology, projects, jobs, scholarships, financing
      lines .
      • Europe’s Im-pulse - the column
      dedicated to the psychological analysis of the process
      of accession to the European Union : European
      identity, common values, diversity and unity, active
      citizenship, democracy.
      • Research - psychology research that are
      carried out by psychologists and psychology students
      from Europe, individually or in groups.
      • Therapy - essays, analysis, case studies,
      research in the field of psychotherapy, clinical
      psychology, psychopathology, personal knowledge and
      • Organizational psychology - essays, analysis,
      case studies, research in the field of organizational,
      managerial, economic and work psychology.
      • Interdisciplinary - essays, critical
      analyses, theoretical synthesis, studies and research
      from an interdisciplinary perspective (psychology,
      psychiatry, sociology, pedagogy, philosophy,
      linguistics, informatics, cultural anthropology,
      neurology, communication sciences, and others)

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