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Bioholographic Transition

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  • Tom Saunders
    Bioholographic Transition (Transcendence) by Bishop Thomas Saunders The Sociologist Harold Fromm has predicted a social-spiritual change in the strata of
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2005
      Bioholographic Transition (Transcendence)
      Bishop Thomas Saunders
      The Sociologist Harold Fromm has predicted a social-spiritual change in the strata of educated or very intelligent folks, which could mark a real human transition.  If so, it could separate, and possibly isolate, whole class structures. The effect of Social Darwinism, postulates a change, first in idividuals, then groups. This is commensurate with this being a world oriented, knowledge-based society, and economy.  Both Fromm's predictions and my own are based upon the possibility that the very intelligent, suddenly discover the true power of knowledge and how to use it, in both ancient and new ways.  (See Harold Fromm: ''The New Darwinism in the Humanities,'' below)
      What Fromm is proposing is a transcendence into a higher consciousness, which can be achieved by understanding the mental paradigm of the Biohologram, and how to utilize
      it in the ''intelligencia'' of the individual. Miller, Miller, and Webb, in their work in Biohologrophics suggest a process that may be shown at the cellular level, that acts upon
      the more complex systems of the human psyche, and form. (See Miller/Webb, below)
      This same process can be demonstrated on the human behavioral level, suggesting
      that the same forces work on both the social strata, and the individual.  Several ancient texts, known by modern Gnostics document both Hellenistic, and
      Chinese methods of Pythagorean-like geometry that relate to form.  This is in effect a
      sort of bioholographic imagery or use of mental mantra, or vision. This may well have
      been the intent of the Jesus parables in the ''Gospel of Thomas.''
      This learning technique is used and practiced for use in relation to forming a mental image or vision in the acts of meditation, and contemplation, to imprint a behavior in the long term memory, and subconscious. If Miller/Webb, etc. are correct this will become imprinted in the brain, become material or corporeal, but this is beyond the normal range of human behaviors common in present higher education.
      This means that on both a micro (cellular), and macro, (mentalism) levels, can be used in a conjunctive and positive way in the use of constructive mental imagery with the right mental paradigm, can bring about measurable transcention. (See Notes)
      ''Recent discoveries by Russian scientists Peter Gariaev & al. and later speculations by Vladimir Poponin shed tremendous light on our proposal that the human being is a transducer of universal energy and consciousness -- essentially a biocomputer. The new feature of this research is the ability to physically demonstrate subtle fields emerging from the quantum foam or vacuum potential. This makes the effect quantifiable and measurable -- objective.'' ( Miller/Webb)
      What Gariaev, Miller, Webb, and Fromm are lacking in their schema is how to activate the biocomputer, with a mentalism that can correlate what the brain undergoes in its transition.
      Ancient Chinese techniques survive to this day that can demonstrate the validity of incorporating Pythagorean, or Tai Chi geometrics into the visual image. In effect what happens when you develop the correct mental image of a behavior, in line with the geometric form, the result can be amazing.  The same applies for the related Pythagorean models of form, used and described by first century Gnostics.
      When the body-mind, correlates a behavior so that behavior becomes second nature, or can be done subconsciously, then that behavior can be seen as transcended into the being. It correlates with personal skills like a tough-typist, punches keys, directly from the subconscious.
      When several beings have transcended, this constitutes a socio-transcendence. If the pool members know one another, and see the transition, then this group will form a sociolinguistic bond within this transcention. Miller/Webb propose...
      ''Thus we have mobile self-organizing holograms moving through a relatively static simpler hologram. The possibility exists that such "bioholograms" could achieve sufficient coherence to continue existence as a pattern of radiant energy apart from a material substrate. We feel that such an occurrence could form the scientific basis of such psychoenergetic phenomena as psycho-kinesis, clairvoyance, telepathy, and precognition.'' (Ibid. Milller)
      The above is not so different from the description below of first and second century Gnostics. Paul in ''1 Corinthians,'' and 'Romans' described those Gnostics he saw, and called them 'gifted.'  These gifted individuals clearly separated from the social norm, and did so in respect to being note worthy.  Modern psychologists might use the term, 'self-realized,' ancient Buddhists called it ''Satori.'' (Tabata)
      ''For to one is given the word of wisdom by the Spirit; to another the word of knowledge according to the same Spirit; to another faith through the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing through the same Spirit; to another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discernment of spirits; to another diversities of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues: and all these worketh the one and the same Spirit, distributing to each one according as He wills....." (Clement of Alexandria, "Stromata' Bk. 4)
      Clement is not talking about Spirit in regard to magic, he is talking about it in regard to the shared kind of energy that can be observed and measured in groups, and individuals. Both Ethnology, and Sociolinguistics measure dynamics by observing 'polarities' (economics) in group behavior. This is what Clement means by Spirit. (For an educated opinion on 'what is a miracle see, "The Birth of Christianity'' by Crossan, 1998. )
      Psycho-kenisis, and other such powers may be a stretch, if what they mean is magic, or a violation of physics. There is some basis for thinking that understanding the nature of forms, and observing this nature in behavior can give one a huge advantage in predicting behavior.  This is 'prophecy' like modern weather forecasting, which can be seen as science, and not soothsaying, or throwing knucklebones. It is using a mental matrix.  An Isshin Ryu karate fighter can use any move you make against him, because he knows the 'mental matrix', Tai Chi he is working within. So does the modern 'weatherman.'
      What the Sociolinguistic and modern science model lacks, the Chinese use to this day, the observance of a universal energy which permeates every form.  The ''Art of War'' which is the primary text of the modern Chinese military is based upon the philosophy of the Tai Chi. (Great Power)
      Below, where Clement is writing of the ''Monad,'' he is referring to the monadic force, (vital energy) the Chinese refer to as Chi. To the western mind this concept is mostly misunderstood. It is merely an observation of the mechanism, concentration, and flow of energy, through all forms. 
      ''Again the Barbarian philosophy knows the world of thought and the world of sense -- the former archetypal, and the latter the image of that which is called the model; and assigns the former to the Monad, as being perceived by the mind, and the world of sense to the number six. For six is called by the Pythagoreans marriage, as being the genital number; and he places in the Monad the invisible heaven and the holy earth, and intellectual light. For "in the beginning," it is said, "God made the heaven and the earth; and the earth was invisible." ( Clement, Ibid.) {Clement means 'marriage' in the sense of the Hermetic Philosophy, concerning each thing, having a male, and female characteristic. See the Kablion, Three Initiates, Inner Traditions, 2004, Principle of 'Genderization.'}
      The monad, as chi, is seen to inhabit all forms. What Clement is talking about here is using Pythagorean geometric forms, all connected by the monad, as a way of measure in the process of contemplation. This is how the Tai Chi works also, however, it is based upon the number eight. (Ogdoad) The following is the description of the Decalogue, or ten part form, and forms are not mutually exclusive in the mental vision....
       ..."And the Decalogue, viewed as an image of heaven, embraces sun and moon, stars, clouds, light, wind, water, air, darkness, fire. This is the physical Decalogue of the heaven. And the representation of the earth contains men, cattle, reptiles, wild beasts; and of the inhabitants of the water, fishes and whales; and again, of the winged tribes, those that are carnivorous, and those that rise mild food; and of plants likewise, both fruit-bearing and barren. This is the physical Decalogue of the earth. And there is a ten in man himself: the five senses, and the power of speech, and that of reproduction; and the eighth is the spiritual principle communicated at his creation; and the ninth the ruling faculty of the soul; and tenth, there is the distinctive characteristic of the Holy Spirit,{Word, Sophia, Wisdom, Logos, Tao} which comes to him through faith. " (Clement Ibid., {my own insertion})
      What Clement has described above, applies to the Chinese version of the Trilogy, the San Ti, which simply states that, ''man is the same as heaven and earth.''  The Chi or flow of energy through the ''San Ti,'' or the monadic force in the any number, unit form, is the same. One form is not mutually exclusive to the other numerical values or forms in the 'vision.' This is the bonding energy that makes the 'vision' in the mind, meld with the cellular level, and this can be shown in actual measurement, according to Miller/Webb, etc.
      ''In Languages of the Brain (1971), Pribram postulated a neural hologram made by the interaction of waves in the cortex, which in turn is based on a hologram of much shorter wavelengths formed by the wave interactions on the sub-atomic level. Thus, we have a hologram within a hologram, and the interrelatedness of the two somehow gives rise to our sensory images. Bohm (1980), in Wholeness and the Implicate Order went further, declaring the brain is a hologram interpreting a holographic universe. In a holographic model this inseparable interconnectedness begins at the even more fundamental level of human existence, rooted in our existential blueprint, DNA. The brain is a hologram, enfolded within our holographic mind-body, enfolded within a holographic universe.'' {The Chinese version of the Ogdoad follows this line of reasoning exactly...see Fung Yu-Lan, below}
      ''No organism can be understood except in its interactive relations with its total environment. An organism is never an isolated thing.  By definition and in brute reality the world that
      an organism inhabits is part of that organism. The organism carries that world embedded
      and moulded [sic] into every inmost fold of its physiology, its anatomy, and its psyche.''
      What social adaptationism means for the elite or gifted is a change that necessitates a reorganization of individuals into 'like' groups. There will be some who are ascetic or exclusive to their environment, and will not become group oriented, but this is a computer age.  Cyberspace makes the mind available anywhere, and this seems the ideal environment. Socialization as to natural law, is a basis for understanding the concepts of group polarity. Sociolinguistics as a science is based upon these concepts. (See Sociolinguistics, by Gumpers and Hymes, Stanford Press, 1970 1st Ed.)
      In spite of the fact that individuals who undergo a transformation will do it ascetically and, realize the futility of the normal social strata, and seek out newer and more equitable social pools. In time some of these pools may generate the transformation of individuals, but this will take time, and experimentation. It was done before, and the orthodoxy {Ireneius, Hyppolytus, Tertullian, Eusebius} put as many of them to death as they could for over three hundred years.
      The uniqueness of the transformed in ancient times netted their persecution, but in a free society the 'gifted' may thrive, and eventually become the guiding force in the entire social strata, if they can maintain a social foothold.  Like in ancient times the elite will separate from the normal, to an extent that makes them culturally, emotionally, and socially exclusive. This will be due to measurable transcendence, of mind, spirit, body, and soul. They can become exclusive to a class, as all people cannot transcend, which is one of the main themes or warnings of the ancients who understood this transition.
      1. I have for several years regarded, and observed Isshin Ryu karate-ka, as an elite and exclusive social group. Having no fear of being beaten by almost anyone can change you.  Several Isshin Ryu teachers, including myself influenced starting the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, which has replaced the old Hand to Hand Combat training.
      Oceanside California had one of the highest crime rates per capita in the United States at one time, and one statistic shows a huge drop in street crime after the Marines learned this new skill.  One of the aspects of learning this method, is it changes one's self image.  Overall the implementation of this method of fighting has shown an overall change in the violent tendencies of those individuals that adapt this training.  They become more highly skilled in being able to kill with no weapons. A huge part of normal 'sacrophilia'  and associated fears subsides in the individual psyche, and the social interaction for the trained, changes.
      Isshin Ryu Karate is founded upon a direct alignment with the Tai Chi. There are at least forty individual things (Ba Gua) in fighting skills that can be placed in the matrix of the Tai Chi, and shown as an exact map of any given technique, waza, contained in the matrix, or lexicon of different fighting skills. Any fighting skill can be put into and classified in this matrix.  The same could work for other skills. The learning of the skills makes the skill, and human one in the same.
      2. Another group that shows a deviation from the norm, are those individuals in ''Judicial Watchdog'' groups. They aspire to the same kinds of interests in regard to the preservation of civil liberties but specialize in 'legalese' and function on a more technical level than the average citizen groups.  A Matter of Justice, The National Judicial Conduct and Disability Project, Forfeiture Endangers American Rights, Future of Freedom Foundation, all show a marked differentiation from the normal class of activists. A natural tendency to 'network' can also be seen in the 'Judicial' group, and a distancing from other mainstream groups. This fits Fromm's paradigm.
      Cyberspace is an ideal networking device which puts individuals who are very different, and are at different stages of development on a more even level. To be productive agreements and disagreements must follow a natural pathway of logic.  This way both agreement, and disagreement become a positive force. The Tai Chi, as a device of logic, is five times more informative, or powerful than the ''Square of Opposition'' developed by Pre-Socratic philosophers.
      Most modern politicians argue around the level of the tetrad, or ''square level,'' illustrated by arguments between conservative, and liberal ideas on an issue.  It is hardly passed the level of intelligence between Yin and Yang 'Ping-Pong.'  The use of the geoform construction in thought is it elevates the mental level of 'Ping-Pong' to chess.
      3. The notion of Gnosis, and Satori or Enlightenment all deal with developing the cognitive functions of a higher level of reasoning. They all are necessitated by a long-term learning process and transcention. The ideal of the geometric structures and values, gives a viable structural mental framework in the learning of a craft or skill as Clement mentions above.
      Further Reading:
      1. "The History of Chinese Philosophy," Fung Yu-Lan, Princeton, 1953.  (See pages 90-115)
      2. "The Nag Hammadi Library,'' Robinson, Harper, 1988. (It can be shown the parables of Jesus are based upon their 'parabolic' value, in forming the Gnostic Vision.)
      3. "The New Darwinism in the Humanities, Fromm, http://www.hudsonreview.com/frommSpSu03.html
      4. ''Quantum Bioholographics,'' Miller, Miller, Webb, http://www.emergentmind.org/MillerWebbI3a.htm
      5. ''Secret Tactics,'' Tabata, Tuttle, 2005  (The ancient Japanese idea of Satori, is the same concept as Gnosis, and the collection above gives some insight to the type of individual transition discussed above.)

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