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Natural Order

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  • Tom Saunders
    Hi All, Thank you John Landen for your work. I have been doing some research in the area of the concept of natural order from early sagacious Christian
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2005
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      Hi All,
      Thank you John Landen for your work.  I have been doing some research in the area of the concept of 'natural order' from early sagacious Christian Apochrapha.  I am learning that some of the secret and forgotten information about the concept of 'natural order' has been obscured and lost.  I think it is likely that I am going to uncover some buried secrets, (more than I have already) that will be beyond what we think we know today.
      I can assure you if the 1st c. Thomasine Gnostics were to see Darwin's plan, today's science regarding adaptive radiation and such theories, they could show us unbelievable things. They would have no problem adapting new theories, if you can show demonstrable proofs.  The Orthodox Church spent over 1000 years trying to wipe the information I talk about, off the face of the earth.
      Some of the work I am doing has to do with group dynamics.  I am finding out that ancients knew what people like Gumpers and Hymes, who founded Sociolinguistics, know about group dynamics, and natural polarity in direct line with group dynamics, and the concept of natural order and how that effects everything.  Some of this knowledge from the ancient models applied to newer ones create some better tools for studying these dynamics.
      Dr. Stevan Davies' ("Gospel of Thomas, and Christian Wisdom" ) relates Wisdom to Solomon traditions and contained therein on the nature of Wisdom is its 'ordering value.' These descriptions are of great philisophical value to the idea of natural organization in formal study.  They pertain to the way all Eastern martial study is learned as both a philosophy, as well as science.  Oriental martial study is based upon the order of the I Ching. (Well known in Presocratic thought)
      As to Pseudo Solomon....  "This presents a series of ideas on Wisdom. "Included are Wisdom's creative and ordering power, her presence in the world in all human beings, and in the world through all her permeation of all things, and her arrival as spirit to those who call upon her." (Ibid., pages 52-4)
      "By the time of the writing of the Wisdom of Solomon, Wisdom is not only seen to be active at Creation, it is said to permeate all the world, organizing and underlying all ordered phenomena." (Ibid. p. 54)
      Wisdom and spirit here are seen as concentrations of energy, that used in normal routine, and other kinds of thought.  Anaxagoras (500 B.C.) said, "All things were together, then thought came and arranged them."
      Tom Saunders
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