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490Darwin Resurrected

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  • Peter Calabria
    Feb 5 2:18 PM
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      For a hilariously impolite quarrel between an evolutionist PhD from
      New York and a hoard of death threat creationists from Lubbock, Texas,
      America's premier city of Republican conservatism and redneck
      intolerance, log onto
      Topics begin with an attempt to give a mathematically firm proof of
      evolution to keep the Texas School Board from mandating America's
      science textbooks to include the Biblical story of creation as an
      alternative to Darwin and quickly descend into nasty arguments over
      Holy and unholy Spirits, personal miracles, the shuck of democratic
      capitalism, Ted Haggard as the paragon for all fundamentalists and a
      call by the scientist to civil disobedience to put an end to
      foreclosures, the dangerously interminable wars in the Middle East and
      other things that will drive the government to bankruptcy and people
      to homelessness during Great Depression II. Tailor made for those who
      placed their hopes in Obama and are now disappointed at his inability
      to get things done for the people. For a different kind of Internet
      experience, exchange ideas and insults with devilish born agains who
      truly believe that God can make 2+3 be something other than 5.

      All kidding aside, it is very important to log on and express your
      opinion to put pressure on the Texas School Board to keep anti-science
      myth and superstition out of our the children of America's textbooks
      for the next ten years.

      Dr. Peter V. Calabria
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