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  • Tom Saunders
    Jul 5, 2004
      Hi All,
      My name is Tom Saunders and I am newly a Bishop in a new Modern Gnostic religious movement to readapt First Century Gnostic principles.  I like to be called Tom.  I am the author of a Gnostic Glossary that I put together with Dr. Andrew Criddle, Dr. Frank Killman, Dr. William Arnal, Dr. Mark Goodachre, and others who study the Gospel of Thomas, and the Nag Hammadi Library, and other gnostic texts.
      I am a certified linguist, founder of the Bill of Attainder Project, and a practicing Isshin-Ryu Karate Master.  I am listed in "Who's Who of American Martial Arts."  I am the author of many articles concerning martial arts and other subjects.  I wrote a book called "Problem Solving Skills" in a Title 7 Government program for the San Diego Urban League.  This was a child development book. This was many years ago, I am now living on my ranch in Oklahoma, and researching both martial arts, and gnostic translations.
      I am also observing the beginning of an evolutionary move to what Harold Fromm and others call 'Adaptationism.'  It is like Ayn Rand's predictions for the "New Intellectuals" has suddenly come to bear on the social fabric.  This is particularly interesting considering that Modern Gnostics who are studying Gnostic Gospels, are as well learning Adaptationism, i.e. being Social Darwinists. 
      The Modern Gnostic, and Adaptationist are one in the same, the two may not realize the existence of the other but it will come.  I say this because I know the modern Christian Gnostic is not going to stand for magic in the place of science, any more than the 'New Intellectual" or Adaptationist will in his life.  And hopefully we can take the 'magic' out of American law, when logical sense is made of American law, and the Constitution. If ever.  The Gnostic is the Adaptationist, only with religion. 
      I have discovered some ancient concepts having to do with human balance, that I have already put to some viable use.  Dr. Carl Jung devised his theory and graph for personality types, largely from the study of Codex 1. of the Nag Hammadi.  You should see what he missed.  I am astounded by some of the things fusing modern science with ancient gnostic understanding could produce. 
      There is an entire gnostic study of socio-types buried in related literature and a way to understand human faults that is very unique. They are as precise in socio-typing as Gumpers and Hymes, who founded the science of Sociolinguistics.  Its like the ancients understood Ethnology on the same level.
      Has anyone made a historical and archeological type of lineage for Social Darwinism.  What are the perimeters here?
      Tom Saunders