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17Please could you spare 15 minutes to help me with my work?

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  • Lizzy Lindley
    Jun 2, 2004
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      Hi there. I was wondering whether anyone could help me. I am a playwork student at Leeds Metropolitan University studying a degree in playwork. For one of my essays I have to put forward part of my essay to some professionals via email for a response on their view to my essay.


      I did an observation on a 4 month old infant. I approached the infant and she did not respond. After sometime she started to coo and smile at me. After a while the infant's mother entered the room and she immediately started to respond to her by cooing, and smiling. Is this normal at this early stage that the infant should respond in a more encouraging way towards the mother than a stranger and show signs of attachment?


      Thank you for your help


      Lizzy Lindley

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