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Re: [Evelyn_Waugh] channeling EW?

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  • James Morris
    Fourth Plinth       something we can be sure will endure something that will last like a bronze cast   a marble statue instead of the usual empty view a
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 4, 2010
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      Fourth Plinth




      something we can be sure will endure

      something that will last like a bronze cast


      a marble statue instead of the usual empty view

      a lion regnant instead of a disabled woman pregnant


      a Cupid and his dart instead of more 'performance Art'

      something permanent instead of another stupid 'Statement'


      something with decorum instead of yet another inane 'forum'




      A Visit to the British Museum


      The Egyptian Rooms-Pharaoh’s toes, mummy cloth, stone baboon,

      Upright cat, baby mummies (like Babushka dolls),

      Papyrus postcards, painted box.


      The Greek Rooms-Stone upon stone, caryatids carry the weight see,

      The development of drapery, sheer display,

      Whereas Egypt all about worship.


      Aisa; Order in a phantasmagoria of images,

      A bronze Vishnu (all legs and arms) balanced in the air,




      All the art students drawing the new roof,

      The new undulating roof,

      Made of plastic.



      Sir Norman

      The word is decorum.





      I was reminded of a scene in The Agony and the Ecstasy,

      After a whole day on his back painting the Sistine Chapel,

      Michaelangelo falling into bed, utterly fatigued, all in.

      Some of the BritArt people looked the same-

      After their Partying.



      Tate Modern


      One real picture,

      I noticed: near the door,

      The security men's jigsaw.



      More Thoughts On The Fourth Plinth


      The Empty Fourth Plinth Project that's right.

      The Empty Fourth Plinth Project





      That empty space is really more of a 'statement'

      Than Tracy Emin could make-

      About the emptiness modern life.





      It it really more of a 'challenge' to modern artists,

      Than traditional ones.

      Can they make anything permanent?





      The actual plinth is sturdy, substantial,

      It requires something permanent,

      Something that will endure.





      They cannot put anything permanent up there,

      Because they don't believe in Permanence,

      Only the ephemeral.





      They cannot put an heroic figure up there,

      Because they don't believe in Heroism,

      Or any other ideals.





      As I say the Fourth Plinth is a 'statement' in itself.

      It 'represents' the modern emptiness.

      It is its monument.



      The Whole Masquerade of Modern Art


      Two layers of bricks, that's all,

      That's all it would take-


      A little shove,

      A little nudge,


      And the whole thing would fall.



      Old Hat


      I want to make an 'installation' myself-

      My mother's old hat,

      Really tatty it is, unravelling...


      Set it up in some chic London gallery,

      On a pristine white table,

      Entitled; Old Hat








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      Subject: [Evelyn_Waugh] channeling EW?
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      Date: Monday, November 29, 2010, 5:49 PM

      Tom Stoppard: "Skill without imagination is craftsmanship and gives us many useful objects such as wickerwork picnic baskets. Imagination without skill gives us modern art."

      As EW wrote in postscripts to his agent, "Death to Picasso." Bob Davis

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