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School that inspired Llanabba may be demolished

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  • Antony F. P. Vickery
    A COUPLE trying to save a dilapidated Welsh mansion [Plas Dulas, in Llanddulas, Conwy] that inspired a famous novelist fear it will be bulldozed because its
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      "A COUPLE trying to save a dilapidated Welsh mansion [Plas Dulas, in
      Llanddulas, Conwy] that inspired a famous novelist fear it will be
      bulldozed because its owner has priced it out of the market and is
      determined to press ahead with a lucrative housing scheme.
      [Evelyn Waugh], who wrote Brideshead Revisited and Scoop, used the
      house as his inspiration for the boy's school Llanabba in Decline and
      Fall, published in 1928."

      See http://preview.tinyurl.com/ya7udul for the WalesOnline article.

      Antony F. P. Vickery
      Lansdale, PA
    • Antony F. P. Vickery
      Out of curiosity I performed a full-text search for Evelyn Waugh in the on-line edition of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and was rewarded with
      Message 2 of 2 , Oct 20, 2009
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        Out of curiosity I performed a full-text search for "Evelyn Waugh" in the on-line edition of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and was rewarded with 102 hits. As you would expect, many hits link to biographies of people with a meaningful connection to EW's life, others to people with no personal connection to him at all (e.g., Sydney Camm, who, we are told, liked to read EW's novels).

        Anyway, here's the list:

        Acton, Sir Harold Mario Mitchell (1904–1994), aesthete and author
        Aitken, William Maxwell, first Baron Beaverbrook (1879–1964), newspaper proprietor and politician
        Barnsley, Alan Gabriel [pseud. Gabriel Fielding] (1916–1986), novelist and poet
        Barton, Sir Sidney (1876–1946), diplomatist
        Bennett, (Enoch) Arnold (1867–1931), writer
        Besse, Antonin (1877–1951), entrepreneur and benefactor
        Brophy, Brigid Antonia [married name Brigid Antonia Levey, Lady Levey] (1929–1995), writer and campaigner
        Byron, Robert (1905–1941), traveller and writer on art
        Camm, Sir Sydney (1893–1966), aircraft designer
        Carpenter, Humphrey William Bouverie (1946–2005), author, broadcaster, and musician
        Carr, Joseph Lloyd (1912–1994), writer and publisher
        Carstairs, John Paddy [formerly Nelson John Keys] (1910–1970), film-maker and writer
        Carton de Wiart, Sir Adrian (1880–1963), army officer
        Churchill, Randolph Frederick Edward Spencer (1911–1968), journalist and politician
        Cockburn, (Francis) Claud (1904–1981), writer and journalist
        Cockburn, Henry, Lord Cockburn (1779–1854), author and judge
        Core, Philip McCammon (1951–1989), artist and writer
        Cowles [married name Crawley], (Harriet) Virginia Spencer [pseud. Nancy Swift] (1910–1983), journalist and author
        Cranston, Maurice William (1920–1993), political philosopher
        Crawley, Aidan Merivale (1908–1993), politician and television executive
        Cruttwell, Charles Robert Mowbray Fraser (1887–1941), historian
        Dahl, Roald (1916–1990), writer of fiction
        D'Arcy, Martin Cyril (1888–1976), Jesuit and theologian
        Davie, Michael (1924–2005), journalist and author
        Dawkins, Richard MacGillivray (1871–1955), scholar of classical and modern Greek
        Donaldson [née Lonsdale], Frances Annesley, Lady Donaldson of Kingsbridge (1907–1994), farmer and writer
        Duckworth, Gerald L'Étang (1870–1937), publisher
        Farrell, James Gordon (1935–1979), novelist
        Fielding, Daphne Winifred Louise Vivian (1904–1997), writer and socialite
        Firbank, (Arthur Annesley) Ronald (1886–1926), novelist
        Fleming [née Charteris], Ann Geraldine Mary [other married names Ann Geraldine Mary O'Neill, Lady O'Neill; Ann Geraldine Mary Harmsworth, Viscountess Rothermere] (1913–1981), society hostess
        Fleming, Ian Lancaster (1908–1964), writer
        Fothergill, John Rowland (1876–1957), innkeeper and author
        Fulford, Sir Roger Thomas Baldwin (1902–1983), author and journalist
        Gerhardie, William Alexander (1895–1977), novelist
        Gielgud, Sir (Arthur) John (1904–2000), actor and theatre director
        Goodman, Arnold Abraham, Baron Goodman (1913–1995), solicitor and public servant
        Gosse, Sir Edmund William (1849–1928), writer
        Greene, (Henry) Graham (1904–1991), author
        Guinness, Sir Alec (1914–2000), actor
        Guinness, Bryan Walter, second Baron Moyne (1905–1992), poet and novelist
        Hale, Kathleen (1898–2000), artist and writer
        Hall [married name Hall-Hicks], Adelaide Louise Estelle (1901–1993), jazz and cabaret singer
        Hastings, Hubert de Cronin (1902–1986), editor
        Heard, Henry Fitzgerald [Gerald] (1889–1971), writer and broadcaster
        Helena [St Helena, Helen, Flavia Julia Helena] (c.248–328/9), mother of the Roman emperor Constantine I
        Herbert, Auberon Mark Yvo Henry Molyneux (1922–1974), landowner and campaigner for eastern European causes
        Herbert, Aubrey Nigel Henry Molyneux (1880–1923), diplomatist and traveller
        Hollis, (Maurice) Christopher (1902–1977), author and politician
        Hollis, Sir Roger Henry (1905–1973), intelligence officer
        Jebb, Julian Alvery Marius (1934–1984), journalist and television producer
        Jenkins, (John) Robin (1912–2005), novelist
        Kauffer, Edward McKnight (1890–1954), artist and graphic designer
        Knox, Ronald Arbuthnott (1888–1957), Roman Catholic priest and writer
        Lamb, Henry Taylor (1883–1960), painter
        Lanchester [married name Laughton], Elsa Sullivan (1902–1986), actress and entertainer
        Lattimore, Owen (1900–1989), Mongolist and Sinologist
        Laycock, Sir Robert Edward (1907–1968), army officer
        Leverson [née Moses], Ada Esther (1862–1933), novelist
        Lewis, (Dominic) Bevan Wyndham (1891–1969), writer
        Lewis [née Ovenden], Rosa (1867–1952), hotel proprietor
        Lindsay [née McLachlan], Jean Olivia (1910–1996), historian and educationist
        Lygon, William, seventh Earl Beauchamp (1872–1938), politician
        Maclean, Sir Fitzroy Hew Royle, first baronet (1911–1996), army officer and politician
        Macmillan, (Maurice) Harold, first earl of Stockton (1894–1986), prime minister
        Mallowan, Sir Max Edgar Lucien (1904–1978), archaeologist
        Marshall, (Claude Cunningham) Bruce (1899–1987), novelist
        Maugham, (William) Somerset (1874–1965), writer and playwright
        Meyrick [née Nason], Kate Evelyn (1875–1933), night-club owner
        Mitford, Nancy Freeman- [married name Nancy Rodd] (1904–1973), novelist and biographer
        Morton, John Cameron Andrieu Bingham Michael [pseud. Beachcomber] (1893–1979), humorous journalist
        Mosley [née Freeman-Mitford; other married name Guinness], Diana, Lady Mosley (1910–2003), Nazi sympathizer and author
        Newby, (Percy) Howard (1918–1997), writer and broadcasting administrator
        Nichols, (John) Beverley (1898–1983), writer
        Pakenham, Francis Aungier [Frank], first Baron Pakenham and seventh earl of Longford (1905–2001), politician, writer, and philanthropist
        Paul, Brenda Irene Isabelle Frances Theresa Dean (1907–1959), actress and drug addict
        Peters, Augustus Dudley [formerly August Detlef] (1892–1973), literary agent
        Ponsonby, Arthur Augustus William Harry, first Baron Ponsonby of Shulbrede (1871–1946), politician and peace campaigner
        Ponsonby, Frederick Edward Grey, first Baron Sysonby (1867–1935), courtier and author
        Powell, Anthony Dymoke (1905–2000), writer
        Quennell, Sir Peter Courtney (1905–1993), writer and editor
        Rice, David Talbot (1903–1972), Byzantine scholar and farmer
        Richardson, Cecil Antonio [Tony] (1928–1991), theatre and film director
        Siepmann [née Farmar], Mary Aline [other married name Mary Aline Eady, Lady Swinfen; pseud. Mary Wesley] (1912–2002), novelist
        Sitwell, Dame Edith Louisa (1887–1964), poet and biographer
        Smith, Frederick Winston Furneaux, second earl of Birkenhead (1907–1975), biographer
        Spain, Nancy Brooker (1917–1964), journalist and broadcaster
        Squire, Sir John Collings (1884–1958), poet and literary editor
        Stanley, Arthur Penrhyn (1815–1881), dean of Westminster
        Sykes, Christopher Hugh (1907–1986), writer and traveller
        Taylor [née Coles], Elizabeth (1912–1975), writer
        Thynne, Henry Frederick, sixth marquess of Bath (1905–1992), landowner and businessman
        Topolski, Feliks (1907–1989), artist and stage designer
        Walton, Sir William Turner (1902–1983), composer
        Waugh, Alexander Raban [Alec] (1898–1981), novelist
        Waugh, Auberon Alexander [Bron] (1939–2001), journalist and author
        Waugh, Evelyn Arthur St John (1903–1966), writer
        West, Edward Charles Sackville-, fifth Baron Sackville (1901–1965), novelist and music critic
        Wilson, Sir Angus Frank Johnstone (1913–1991), novelist and biographer
        Wilson, (James) Harold, Baron Wilson of Rievaulx (1916–1995), prime minister
        Wodehouse, Sir Pelham Grenville (1881–1975), writer
        Woodruff, (John) Douglas (1897–1978), journalist and wit

        Antony F. P. Vickery
        Lansdale, PA
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