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Big news

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Aug 28

The Man Who Liked Dickens

Hello all, I am a U.S. diplomat currently stationed in Central Asia. My family and I were authorized a limited amount of pounds of household goods to come
Aug 20

old but interesting

An ultra take on Waugh, but interesting. Particularly funny on Graham Greene as "a sordid pagan who raided Catholicism's dress-up box." On Thursday, July 16,
Robert Davis
Jul 17

Saturday Paper

Follow this url to see a comment on OG and an Australian novelist--rare in that it does not defame EW's service on Crete. Of course, the author thinks that Guy
Robert Davis
Jul 3

Seeking Granada/Brideshead material

The EWS has received the following message. For the benefit of us all, please post responses to this list; I will forward them to our correspondent. Antony F.
Jun 25

puff piece on BR

Pleasant enough. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/goodlife/11649092/Happy-70th-birthday-Brideshead-Revisited.html
Robert Davis
Jun 4

Fw: Google Alert - Evelyn Waugh

Not yet a national holiday, but if it ever is, at least some members of the LGBT community would not be barred. ... Today in History: May 28 WHDH-TV On
Robert Davis
May 28

Brideshead birthday article

Can anyone on the list access this article? It might make an interesting story on the EWS website but I can't get past the Murdochian paywall. jeff
Jeffrey Manley
May 24

The Charms of a Conservative Disposition

The Imaginative Conservative web site has an interesting essay written by Henryk Krzeczowki and translated from Polish with the above title. The piece compares
May 16

Fw: Google Alert - Evelyn Waugh

... Joseph Kanon Chooses Evelyn Waugh for the WSJ Book Club Wall Street Journal Joseph Kanon, author of the best-selling thrillers “The Good German”
Robert Davis
May 13

Re: Fw: Google Alert - Evelyn Waugh

Thanks, Bob. I had already posted a link to that with the announcement about Duncan's book. jeff To: dga63608@...; alexanderwaugh@...;
Jeffrey Manley
May 8

Fw: Google Alert - Evelyn Waugh

In case you missed this. Bob ... Evelyn! Rhapsody For An Obsessive Love by Duncan McLaren, book review The Independent Early in his 1927 book on the
Robert Davis
May 7

Marcel's introduction

Here's a link to Marcel Decoste's very fine introduction to his new book. http://www.ashgate.com/pdf/SamplePages/Vocation-of-Evelyn-Waugh-Intro.pdf
Robert Davis
May 1

Review of Duncan McLaren's book on EW

Hello there! Saw Roger Lewis' review here: Sex with Evelyn? I'd rather go to the dentist!
May 1

riches galore

The Book Drum URL I sent in my last message only gives part of what's available. Incredible job, especially the annotations. Bob
Robert Davis
Apr 4
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