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Dead and injured Birds and Bats - Get out of Jail Free Card.

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  • sylvia wallace
    Someone has given the Wind Industry a Get Out of Jail Free Card
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 2010
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      "Someone has given the Wind Industry a "Get Out of Jail Free Card"  
      From the link:

      "Outrage 1,606 ducks suffer - criminal prosecution - Syncrude Canada Ltd.,one of the largest producers of crude oil from Canada’s
      oil sands (Syncrude, n.d.)."      
      Yet it appears to be double standards for the Wind Industry!
      "With the release of a bird and bat monitoring report from Canada’s second-largest wind farm, the Wolfe Island Eco-

      Power® Centre2 (OPA, 2010a)....    In the first eight months of operation, the centre reported 1,962 bird and bat deaths.  The latest

      proof ......release of a bird and bat monitoring report from Canada’s second-largest wind farm,  Wolfe Island Eco-Power® Centre2 (OPA, 2010a)."


      "These findings were largely ignored by the same media outlets that for months featured front-page headlines about dead ducks.


      But as Michael Fry of the American  Bird Conservancy notes,   “Somebody has given the wind industry a get-out-of-jail-free card” (Bryce, 2009 Sep 7"

      Monitoring report  July -Dec 2009  Wolfe Island http://windfarmrealities.org/wfr-docs/wi-bird-monitoring-report-2h2009.pdf 
      Question:      Why are those that claim to be  "Guardians" of birds and bats also largely silent on this issue with the media? 
      Why have these groups endorsed an industry whose products chop up birds and drown bats ? 
      Why have these groups lent their name and endorsed an industry that seems to have a "Get out of Jail free card" whilst others are rightly
      broughtl to boot ? 
      How much wind money per annum is making its way to those claiming to protect wildlife for endorsing and promoting a product, wind power, that
      harms and kills birds and bats.. the very core cause claimed to be represented and "protected" ?  
      Back to basics, surely ?   
      Saving wild places for wildlife, not for commercial developers whose offering  appears to be tonnes and tonnes of concrete and industrial towers in
      remote wild places !
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