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Tom Sebourn's Letter to the City of Eureka on the Raid of Tarp Town

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  • Bill Holmes
    My Letter To The Mayor Of Eureka and the City Council The Honorable Mayor
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 9 7:18 AM

      My Letter To The Mayor Of Eureka and the City Council

      The Honorable Mayor and Council members, I am writing to inform you of my deep disappointment in closing the Tarp City at the City Hall parking lot on Sunday night. It was 25 degrees at my house that night. How could you choose to kick these people out of the City Hall parking lot on such a cold night? Your decision to allow the EPD to solve our homeless problem is a travesty. What if someone dies of exposure? What about the parking lot that you had said would be looked into for the homeless? You didn't do your job and so the homeless came to you. They camped on your doorstep and you turned them away in sub freezing temperatures and made the police out to be the bad guys. What is your solution? Lock everyone up? What will that cost?

      Kicking the preverbal can down the street to the Eureka Police Department shows your lack of compassion and lack of ideas. If all of the homeless are breaking the law by sleeping in their cars or on sidewalks, are you willing to arrest all of them and provide shelter and food in the jail? Is this the solution? I pray not. It is neither cost effective nor is it  humanitarian thing to do. 

      I suggest you come up with a plan and come up with one soon, before someone dies of exposure.

      I don't live in Eureka so I haven't been very critical or the way you run your city, but I do work there. I assure you that you now have my full attention and I look to see some progress soon on this issue or I will do my best to call all of you out for your lack of compassion, sense of duty and ineptitude.

      Tom Sebourn, speaking for myself and those that have no one else to turn to.
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