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Buried Treasure

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  • Gerry Blue
    Hi all, ... Well, here is a new form of the game that was tried at the recent EuchreBash, with overwhelming approval! Dealing, bidding, and scoring remains the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2001
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      Hi all,

      I took this from http://zone.msn.com/euchre/euchJoeAugustColumn2001.asp and thought it was interesting so I thought I'd post it here and ask if anyone here has played by these rules and ask what they thought:

      Well, here is a new form of the game that was tried at the recent EuchreBash, with overwhelming approval! Dealing, bidding, and scoring remains the same. The top card of the kitty is still turned up. Here are the rules:

      1. There are no defensive Loners.
      2. "Stick the dealer" applies (you will see why).
      3. If the dealer picks up the turned card, or is ordered by partner, the Eldest hand (player to the left of the dealer) becomes the primary defender.
      4. After the dealer makes his discard, the Eldest hand picks up the three remaining cards of the kitty. (The dealer's discard is not revealed). Now the Eldest hand has eight cards, and must discard three - reducing his/her hand to five cards. Then he/she makes the opening lead. This allows the defense to have a stronger position, and gets all of the cards into the game.
      5. If the Eldest hand orders up the dealer, then the dealer's partner now becomes the primary defender. He/she picks up the kitty after partner's discard, and then dumps three unwanted cards.
      6. If the Pone (right hand opponent of the dealer) orders after two passes, the dealer becomes the primary defender, and picks up the entire kitty. Then he/she makes the opening lead against the Pone declarer (maker).
      7. Basically, the player to the left of the declarer (maker) has the right to the kitty, and makes the opening lead. If the dealer turns down the up card, then each player, in rotation, has the right to name another trump, or to pass. If a new trump is named, that player becomes the maker, and the player to his/her immediate left is the primary defender.
      8. If three passes go to the dealer, said dealer is stuck, and must name a trump. In this instance, the defense has a huge advantage, unless the dealer has a strong trump suit. If "stick the dealer" was not part of the Buried Treasure variation, then many hands would be passed, leading to a very long and boring match.


      Loners are greatly diminished, as the defense has a much stronger position. In order to call trump, one must have at least two sure trump tricks, (2 of the top 3 trump, or a good 4-card trump suit), and a side Ace. Calling with both Bowers and nothing else is speculative, at best. Buried Treasure is a fast-paced game, with lots of strategy. Now it is possible to count all suits, as at least 23 of 24 cards are accounted for. Reckless bidding is punished, and everyone stays in the game - rather then the maker with the big hand! The game limit is still ten points - unless another limit is mutually agreed upon.

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