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Re: No more! I'd like a Ladies View

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  • bimbert84
    Hi Ace, ... Now that would be a neat trick: especially since it s not your lead. ;) ... Lol. But if we re worried about this, we shouldn t go alone from 1st
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2003
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      Hi Ace,

      > 1. You're a poor player and you forget to call alone,
      > being a poor player you lead the off suit king

      Now that would be a neat trick: especially since it's not your
      lead. ;)

      > 2. You are the best player in the world and just as you
      > get set to make trump, you drop the offsuit king face up
      > onto the table,

      Lol. But if we're worried about this, we shouldn't go alone from 1st
      with JJAK-K, because we might lead the offsuit K by accident. ;)

      > > Leading trump does not strengthen the kings any more
      > > than it strengthens the aces (unless the opps ditch
      > > their suit aces on the trump lead) -- it removes trump
      > > from the table, and thus serves both situations equally
      > > well.
      > If your partner has and leads the left, it can draw some
      > trump from either opponent. Should you, in seat 3 decide
      > to go low and let your partner win the trick,

      Yes, a L lead by your P could be used to snuff out a protected A in
      the opps' hands. But this is also true in the RKQ-A-A hand. No

      > and he leads an ace out of the same suit of your other king
      > for second trick, the chance that either opponent can trump
      > it, if either is void, has been greatly diminished.

      Yes, but this is also true in the RKQ-A-A hand. No difference.

      > I guess I should have avoided the word strength, and simply
      > expressed that such a senario would aid to protect your
      > kings

      But it doesn't! In none of the scenarios you outlined above would
      having the aces benefit you more than having the kings. Any trump
      will kill an off A just as easily as it kills an off K.

      What you seem to be missing is that if your P has the aces (which is
      where you claim his difference in help lies), they will be removed
      from play when you go alone, thus promoting your kings to boss in
      their respective suits. You won't need your P's aces!

      > Hang in there. My lab work is 60% complete

      I'm anxious to see it. If I get a chance, I'll run some more today.

      -- Rob
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