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8876Re: [EuchreScience] Re: Why Euchre is Better Than Poker?

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  • Perry Romanowski
    Mar 14, 2007
      Ok, the Criminal crack was a bit of an exaggeration.  But technically, if you're playing a cash game at home, you're breaking the law.  And I know it's not completely luck but dammit, I've lost on such screwy hands ( e.g. Ace Ace losing to Duece Duece on the river) that I've come to believe the Skill part of poker is vastly overshadowed by the Luck part of poker.

      There is luck in Euchre yes, but one hand won't kill a game.  In poker, one hand can make you go broke.

      Truth be told, I play (and enjoy) poker at least once a month with my buddies. 

      On 3/14/07, Harvey Lapp < euchrecentral@...> wrote:

      Euchre is better than poker.
      I dealt poker in a riverboat casino about a decade before it became
      popular on tv. The players in those days were little more than dirty,
      filthy- mouthed gambling degenerates who seemed to enjoy the
      deceptive nature that exemplifies the main strategy of the game, but
      not much of anything else in life (especially soap, deodorant and
      things of that nature).
      Today I only deal dice (craps), and cringe when I realize that a
      large poker tournament is taking place inside the hotel that I work
      at. There are always a few irritable poker players -- complete with
      egos inflated by the fame brought to them by television -- that
      decide to take a shot at the dice table. I assure you that there is
      nothing glamorous about most of the "famous" poker players when you
      meet them in real life. The majority of hardcore poker players have
      the personality of the "Grinch" with a bad gambling problem.
      Aside from all of that, euchre, simply put, is fun. Unlike poker,
      there doesn't have to be any money at stake for players to have a
      good time.
      Euchre also promotes teamwork. Partners must work together in order
      to be successful. If your partner is a stone idiot, you might get
      lucky with a couple of loners, but it is more likely that you will
      end up going "down with the ship" so to speak. In poker, you are on
      your own, and if you don't spot the stone idiot at the table after
      you first five minutes, then it just might be you.
      In a euchre game, you are going to play in every hand, unless of
      course your partner goes alone. In poker, you are likely to lose your
      ass if you stay in more than half of the hands. The better poker
      players spend a lot of time folding and waiting for good cards to
      come (which gives them more time to complain about life).
      I think that you have made some good points Perry. I'm not sure
      about #4 "Poker is for criminals," though. I know quite a few good
      people that play the game occasionally. They are the bottom of the
      food chain in the poker room, but defintely not criminals.
      Unlike Natty who "doesn't play poker", I have (on rare occasions)
      played in private games where I knew there were some bad attitudes
      and amateur play at the same table. There IS a small degree of skill
      to the game (which doesn't jive with #2 "Poker is just luck")as far
      as when to call, fold or raise. Even though any fool can learn the
      basic strategy of Hold-em or 7 card stud in five minutes, I have seen
      private games where not a single player present was privy to this
      information. That, is the ONLY kind of poker game that I don't mind
      playing in. Not much fun, but profitable.

      --- In EuchreScience@yahoogroups.com, "ruthenium4" <thejoggler@...>
      > I put up a post about this subject on the Euchre Universe blog
      > http://euchreuniverse.blogspot.com/2007/03/6-reasons-why-euchre-is-
      > But I thought I'd open up the discussion here. Why do you think
      > euchre is better than poker? or do you?
      > My 6 reasons.
      > 1. Poker is boring.
      > 2. Poker is just luck.
      > 3. Without money, poker is pointless.
      > 4. Poker is for criminals.
      > 5. Poker is emotion, no brains.
      > 6. Natty Bumppo doesn't play poker.

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