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Lindy Hop in Edmonton this year?

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  • Edmonton Swing Society
    Greetings everyone! This needs to be responded to by the 12th if you want your say in what s happening this year! Please be patient, this is a long email. This
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 9, 2001
      Greetings everyone! This needs to be responded to by the 12th if you want
      your say in what's happening this year! Please be patient, this is a long

      This is the long awaited update on what's happening this year with the
      Edmonton SwingDance Society!

      1) Sadly the name "Edmonton SwingDance Society" is actually already 'taken'
      by an older swing club that has been inactive for quite some time. They are
      willing to release the name to us but after much debate between Sandra and I
      we have decided to change the name so we aren't stepping on anybodies toes
      (sorry we didn't have time to bring it up with you Trish!).

      So, here's a proposal and we need YOUR votes! Sandra came up with "Swingout
      Edmonton" for a new name. If you like it,then let us know. If you don't,
      then PLEASE let us know and give us your suggestion. We don't have long
      though. we only have until July 12 or so to decide!

      2) The structure of the classes has changed this year. Instead of informal
      socials every week, we will be running two 6 week classes per term. They
      will be Green and Blue meaning beginner and newcomer -intermediate. In my
      opinion, everyone should take the green and then the blue. Since Sandra and
      I went to Montreal we learned TONNES more about the basics that we need to
      share with everyone before bad habbits settle in!
      Tentatively classes will run like this:

      Tuesday Evening 7:00-8:30
      Green - September 11, 2001 to October 16, 2001
      Blue - October 23, 2001 to November 27, 2001

      The classes will consist of 45-60 minutes of instruction with 30-45 minutes
      of practice time.

      3) "Swingout Edmonton" will be hosting a monthly dance in a TBA location. A
      Green lesson will be offered for everyone who goes to the dance and is
      included in your admission into the dance. It is encouraged that EVERYONE
      come out to these dances since these will likely be the ONLY opportunities
      we will have to dance socially. Dancing socially is really where everything
      that you learned in classes will start to sink in. These socials are also
      offered to rally interest in the Lindy Hop (the best dance in the world!) so
      EVERYONE is invited. Members will have a discount to the dances of course.

      4) Tentative Fee Schedule:
      Membership (everyone needs a membership!): $10
      Students Non-Students
      Green Workshops $20 $30
      Blue Workshops $20 $30

      Both Green and Blue $35 $50

      Part-time and Graduate Students qualify for "Student" status.

      I know the fees have been raised significantly. However, at just under $4 /
      lesson it is actually a really good deal! I volunteer my time as an
      instructor so the fees are to cover basic operating costs including hall
      rentals, a sound system and other equipment as needed.

      5) SUMMER EVENT!
      There is talk of an August long weekend workshop. Edmonton is lucky to have
      Sarah Wilkinson from Eastern Canada come to visit! She is willing to teach
      some beginner workshops for us. If anyone is interested they NEED to get
      back to me ASAP so I can organize where, when and how much! Members from
      last year will have a discount of course!

      Anyway, so that's the scoop so far. Please reply... We need to know if
      there is any interest this year! We will also be needing volunteers when
      school starts to help out in Quad and the Pavillion! if you can help...
      please let me know!

      Happy Swinging!

      (your devoted Pres.)
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