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Estrella 2002 Pre-Reg is Now Open

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  • Giliana Spencer de Windermere
    Greetings all, Amazing but it s already time for Estrella War XVIII posts! Pre-Registration is officially open as of 8/1/01. We have changed the “wet” RV
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2001
      Greetings all,

      Amazing but it's already time for Estrella War XVIII
      posts! Pre-Registration is officially open as of

      We have changed the �wet� RV space policy. This year
      it will be in the form of a lottery. If you would
      like to be in the this lottery, send you name and
      contact information to me before 9/30/01 (postmark).
      The drawing will take place in mid-October and payment
      ($120) will be due by 10/31/01 postmark.

      As with last year, we will accept personal checks
      during the early pre-registration time-period. So, if
      you pre-register by 10/31/01 (postmark) you can write
      a personal check and get the early discount ($5 adults
      and $2 youth). (Note: please remember that personal
      check payments will have a 6-week delay for
      confirmation letters to be mailed.)

      The fees are the same as last year: $40 for members,
      $45 for non-members and $20 for youth (9-17 at War.)

      As with previous years, pre-registration is meant to
      make Troll go faster and allows folks early entry to
      the site (8am on 2/13 vs noon for everyone else).
      Troll will go faster, as your information will be
      ready already. <G> You'll come to the door with
      your pre-registration confirmation, membership
      verification, and mundane ID (like drivers license)to
      be allowed access to the pre-reg line. Parking passes,
      gate books, children's wristbands, pre-printed
      waivers, site tokens, etc., will be organized for easy
      access. You will review everything, sign what you need
      to and be on your way! I expect that each person's
      registration to only take a few minutes, just like
      last year. No forms to fill-out there, it will be
      done ahead of time.

      The Pre-Registration form is designed that you can
      print it out and follow the directions. I have a
      text-only version available by request. Forms will
      soon be available at the Estrella War website:
      www.estrellawar.org - or I can mail or fax forms upon

      Feel free to copy these forms (and this information)
      as often as you like. If you have any questions or
      concerns, please do feel free to contact me directly.

      In Service,

      Lady Giliana Spencer de Windermere
      Estrella War Pre-Registration Autocrat

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