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Fields Of Valhalla/Overflow Camping at Estrella 17

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  • Master Raffaelle
    Good Gentles, there has been some confusion regarding the Fields Of Valhalla (Overflow Camping) at Estrella 17. The Autocrats wish to clarify... Master
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2001
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      Good Gentles,

      there has been some confusion regarding the Fields Of Valhalla (Overflow
      Camping) at Estrella 17. The Autocrats wish to clarify...

      Master Raffaelle
      Estrella17 Publication and Promotion Coordinator


      Greeting Unto the Known World,

      Recently a map of the Estrella War site was distributed by several means,
      including print in the Southwind, Atenveldts' newsletter. It details
      camping arrangements on the site as agreed to by the Principal Kingdoms.
      The camping space north of the North Road is labeled "West Kingdom", and
      "Atenveldt". This is an oversight and the section entitled "Atenveldt"
      should be marked "Fields of Valhalla (overflow camping)" designating it as
      camping available to anyone attending the war who wishes to use it. The
      Fields of Valhalla are open to all.

      While the camping space is not reserved for any group or Kingdom, this area
      is under the stewardship of the Kingdom of Atenveldt and common camping
      courtesies will be monitored by the War Autocrats, as is the entire site.
      The following rules will apply:

      1. Camping space is available on a first come first served basis.
      2. The space is subject to reasonable use. All space must be used
      efficiently and wisely and camp organizers must use good judgment and
      cooperation in the planning of their camp. Some examples of
      reasonable/unreasonable use:
      a. Though camp organizers can reserve space for people who have not yet
      arrived, they may do so only based on an accurate count of people and tents
      in their campsite. A good "guess" is not acceptable.
      b. If there are three people in a camp and they have roped off space for
      100, to arrive later, that could be considered a questionable use of space.
      c. Organizers may not rope off a rectangle of space and fill the perimeter
      or even the corners of the campsite first to "frame" the space.
      d. Camps must be set up starting on one side of the expected parcel and fill
      across. Too much space is wasted every year on large clearings in the center
      of camps.
      3. The space cannot be claimed and/or roped off prior to 8 a.m. on Wednesday
      at the war.
      4. Take all the space you need, but please be considerate of others arriving
      late at the war.
      5. If the Autocrats determine that too much space is being wasted, they will
      request that you tighten up your encampment. Failure to comply may be cause
      for removal from the site with forfeiture of any fees paid.

      The amount of camping space has significantly increased this year. We do
      have plenty of camping space available, if it is not abused. Thank you very
      much for your cooperation on this matter. All we ask is that you keep your
      neighbors in mind when setting up your encampment in all areas of the site.

      In Service,

      Mistress Brenna Lady Kasha Baron Raibert
      (Brenna, Kasha & Raibert)
      Main Autocrats
      Estrella XVII

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