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Estrella XVII revised pre-reg form

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  • Ken & Brenda Gant
    Unto the Attendees of Estrella War XVII from Mistress Brenna MacGhie of Kintyre, Lady Ekaterina Pytrovna Novgorodka (Kasha) and Baron Raibert macDonnachaidh of
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 2000
      Unto the Attendees of Estrella War XVII from Mistress Brenna MacGhie of Kintyre, Lady Ekaterina Pytrovna Novgorodka (Kasha) and Baron Raibert macDonnachaidh of Locksley, Main Autocrats for Estrella XVII, Greetings,
      Following you will find a revised pre-registration form.  This is in plain text format.  A form with the nice boxes will be available on line in the next couple of days.
      Please watch for further information to be sent out and I once again apologize for cross -posting.  You are welcome to forward this form to any who might be interested.
      In Service,
      Brenna    Kasha    Raibert
      Estrella War XVII - Pre-Registration Form (Revised 11/06/00)
      (This form must be postmarked by 12/15/00.)

      Legal Name: 
      (Please print CLEARLY - only one person per form)

      Mundane Address: 

      City,State,Zip (country): _________________________________

      Phone:  ____________Email Address: _________________
      (Providing your email address will put this information into
      our Contact Database. If you prefer to not be contacted by
      other autocrats (such as Volunteer), do not provide this info)

      Offsite Emergency Contact Name and phone number:

      Your SCA Name: 
      Local Official
         Group (in case of emergency): __________________________
      Home Kingdom: 
      Anticipated Arrival Date & Time:  _________________________
      (Pre-registration grants 8am arrival on 2/14)

      Do you want to volunteer? Yes? ______  No? _____
      Are you Reigning Royalty? Yes? ______  No?  ____
      If yes, Title:  __________________________________
      Registration for: ADULT(18+) Youth(9-17) CHILD (0-8)
        (circle one)
      For ALL Minors:
      Responsible Party Name: __________________________
      Date of Birth: ___________________________________
      Every individual that will be old enough to
      walk by the beginning of the War needs to fill out
      a form to pre-register with his or her family. 
      (Reminder: Non-custodial adults must have legal
      documents to bring a minor to this event.)

      Amount paid: ________ SCA #: ______(provide copy of card)

      Estrella War XVII - Pre-Registration ** FAQ **

      1) What are the rates (US dollars)?
      ($5 discount if postmarked before 10/31/00 - $2 for youth)

      Arrival at: 2/14 gate open - 2/16 12:00 midnight: 
      $40 (Adult Member) $45 (Adult Non-Member)  $20 (Youth 9-17)

      Arrival at: 2/17 12:01 am - close:
      $30 (Adult Member) $35 (Adult Non-Member)  $15 (Youth 9-17)

      Children 8 and under are free.
      Note: You may upgrade a minor's payment to buy more land.
      See the Land Allocation FAQ for more information

      2) What about cancellations, refunds, and transfers?
      - Refunds will be issued if requested by 1/15/01. Details will
      be included in your Confirmation Letter. Transfers will be
      honored at any time.

      3) What about RV Camping? "Wet" RV spaces are no longer
      available. "Dry" RV camping will be available on a
      first-come-first-served basis.

      4) What should I send with my completed Pre-Registration Form?
      - Cashier's check or money order to "Estrella War - SCA, INC". 
      personal check confirmations take 6 weeks to be released)
      - Self-addressed (& stamped) envelope to return your confirmation
      Note:  Multiple forms can be in one envelope and those payments
      can be combined.

      6) Where do I send the information and payment?
      Jamie Heier
      8776 E. Shea PMB#B3A-566
      Scottsdale, AZ  85260-6629
      (Lady Giliana Spencer de Windermere)
      Phone:  480-614-0295 Fax:    480-614-0062
      Email:  jamers@...

      Note: Incomplete packets will be returned unrecorded
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