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Estrella XVII Revised Refund Policy

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  • Ken & Brenda Gant
    Unto the Attendees of Estrella War XVII from Mistress Brenna MacGhie of Kintyre, Lady Ekaterina Pytrovna Novgorodka (Kasha) and Baron Raibert macDonnachaidh of
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 2000
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      Unto the Attendees of Estrella War XVII from Mistress Brenna MacGhie of Kintyre, Lady Ekaterina Pytrovna Novgorodka (Kasha) and Baron Raibert macDonnachaidh of Locksley, Main Autocrats for Estrella XVII, Greetings,
      Please excuse the cross-posts of this and future missives that we must send out.  We want to make sure all receive it and not all are members of each lists.  Please feel free to share this missive with other's who might be interested, including any other lists.
      Due to the elimination of land allocation at Estrella XVII by the Crowns of the Principal Kingdoms, refunds are available for anyone who pre-registered prior to the policy change.
      The following procedures must be followed in order to obtain a refund:
      1. Return your pre-registration confirmation for the number of pre-registrations you wish to obtain a refund.  The pre-registration(s) that you wish to obtain a refund for must be sent to Lady Giliana Spencer de Windermere (Jamie Heier), Pre-registration Autocrat at 8776 E. Shea PMB #B3A-566, Scottsdale, AZ 85260-6629.
      2. The confirmation that you return must be the original with the colored ink signature.  No refunds will be processed for photocopied confirmations.
      3. If you have not been mailed a confirmation yet, including if we are currently holding a personal check for you, and you wish to request a refund, you may call or e-mail Lady Giliana to request she return your registration(s) to you instead of processing it/them. She can be reached at 480-614-0295 or at jamers@....
      4. Once your pre-registration is verified that it has not been processed, it will be returned to you unprocessed.
      5. If your pre-registration has been processed, Lady Giliana will notify you as such and you will need to request a refund in writing as listed above.
      6. If your unprocessed pre-registration is returned and your re-submit it, you will be required to send a money order or cashiers check as it is past the cut off date for personal checks.
      7. Requests for refunds must be post marked by January 15, 2001.  If we do not receive your form by that date, we will assume that you have transferred the pre-registration to someone else.  No refunds will be available after January 15, 2001. 
      8. Refunds will be processed and mailed as quickly as possible.  The maximum time we are anticipating is thirty (30) days.  Any possible delay will be dependent upon the speed of time we are able to follow our Purchase Order procedures.  We must obtain signatures on the requests for refunds and we are required to have multiple signers on the refund checks.  Due to geographical constraints, there could possibly be a short delay of a couple of weeks to process the refunds.
      Further information in regards to the policy changes for Estrella XVII will be posted as they are determined.   We would like to thank you in advance for your patience and understanding in regards to allowing us the time we need to establish these new policies.  Please contact Lady Giliana only for refund requests or requesting information on how to pre-register.   In the interim, if you have any questions, complaints or comments, please e-mail or call directly to the Main Autocrats or the Chancellor of the Exchequer at:
      Mistress Brenna  housekintyre@...  623-935-3457
      Lady Kasha         kasha2@...            623-846-4347
      Baron Raibert      raibert1@...            623-846-4347
      Mistress Isabeau leslievaughn@...     623-582-2959
      In Service,
      Brenna             Kasha              Raibert
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