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Estrella17 RV Camping Update & Pre-Reg Announcement

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  • Master Raffaelle
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    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2000
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      > >Greetings from the Estrella War Pre-Registration Autocrat!
      > >
      > >Please be advised that the "wet" RV spots have been sold-out.
      > >
      > >If you would like to camp in the "dry" RV area, please put "Dry RV
      > >Camping" as your group name and the size of your vehicle in place
      > >of the camp organizer information. Do not worry about a name for
      > >the camp organizer for Dry RV Camping, it will be handled by a
      > >member of the War Staff. There is no additional charge for camping
      > >in this area. For additional information on this area, please see
      > >Land Allocation documentation or contact me with questions.
      > >IMPORTANT NOTE: Only vehicles that are pre-registered will be
      > >able to camp in this area. If you are not pre-registered, you will be
      > >asked to camp in the parking lot.
      > >
      > >Pre-Registration will have table at the Atenveldt Crown Tournament
      > >9/1 & 9/2. Look for us near Troll.
      > >
      > >If you haven't already done so, please consider subscribing to the
      > >Official Estrella War XVII Announcement List to receive
      > >announcements directly in your mailbox! This low volume list will
      > >be read-only containing only announcements from the Autocrats.
      > >You can subscribe by sending an email to:
      > >estrellawar-subscribe@egroups.com
      > >
      > >If y'all have any questions, please let me know!
      > >
      > >In Service,
      > >
      > >Lady Giliana Spencer de Windermere
      > >Estrella War XVII Pre-Registration Autocrat
      > >jamers@...
      > >

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