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  • Lady Sorcha ni Dhonnghaile <lady_sorcha@
    Greetings to all- The way Kristoff has this email address set up, this year s and last year s mains receive copies as do I. As I m still the person handling
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2003
      Greetings to all-

      The way Kristoff has this email address set up, this year's and
      last year's mains receive copies as do I.
      As I'm still the person handling the bulk of War correspondence,
      I'm the person most likely to respond and to forward messages to
      the person who handled the part of the War on which you are
      commenting. Given that, I have a couple of comments:

      We've received a number of messages, most of them positive and
      many with very good suggestions. We thank you and ask you to
      keep them coming. Your suggestions are very important to both
      sets of Autocrats and we all appreciate your time and thoughts.

      We've also received some rude and nasty messages (Oddly all
      were A & S related) which questioned the competence and even
      honesty of some of our autocrats.

      IF you really want to suggest change in the way parts of
      Estrella War are run and want to be taken seriously---

      1) Phrase your complaint or suggestion POLITELY! If it's rude,
      we all just hit the delete button.

      2) For cryin' out loud, people- It's only been a week since
      Estrella XIX ended. The autocrats are still exhausted and many
      of us are ill. You may have to wait another couple of weeks
      before you get a response or results on something that happened
      at war. Patience, please! We need recovery time and yelling at
      the Autocrats won't get you what you want any faster

      3) Remember that everyone involved with Estrella War is a
      volunteer. Every action they have and will take is a donation to
      the organization and to you personally. Honor demands that you
      treat them all with courtesy and gratitude.

      Now stepping off the soapbox,

      Alianora da Lyshåret
      Executive Assistant, Estrella War XIX
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