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Dry RV Issues

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  • Lady Sorcha ni Dhonnghaile <lady_sorcha@
    From the Parking Autocrat of Estrella XIX, I have had many Dry RV questions over the past couple of weeks, so I m sending out this missive to hopefully clear
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2003
      From the Parking Autocrat of Estrella XIX,

      I have had many Dry RV questions over the past couple of weeks, so I'm
      sending out this missive to hopefully clear up a few of the major

      The Estrella Mountain Park Service has stated that they will not allow
      wheeled vehicles of any kind to be parked on the grass/camping area
      this year. That means RVs, campers, pop-ups, or any other vehicle that
      would remain parked on the grass for an extended period of time.

      Parking on the grass is allowed for loading and un-loading only.

      Therefore, we have designated 2 lots for Dry RVs at this time, with
      plans for expansion if needed. The first Dry RV lot is in the Baseball
      Field/Archery parking lot on the left side only, the right side is for
      Paid Parking only. The lot is paved and it is on the West side of the

      The second lot is on the opposite side of the park on the South East
      corner of the park. It is on the South East corner of the main loop
      and the road leading to General Parking at the Rodeo Grounds. (Dry RVs
      are also permitted in General Parking.)

      There are no tents, cars/trucks (or other non-camper) vehicles allowed
      in the Dry RV lots. If your RV has a built in generator you may use
      that, however the use of a separate generator is not permitted. If you
      have a built in awning on your RV, you may open it, however, if it
      takes up too much space and we need to fit other RVs in the lot, you
      will be asked to put it up to make room for those that are in need.

      The definition of Dry RV we are using is that there are no electric,
      water, or sewer hookups. There is a dump station at the Ranger Station
      (the first right turn as you come into the park).

      If someone tries to take your spot while you are at the Ranger
      Station, please contact me on a radio and I'll gladly assist with the
      situation if needed.

      Dry RV spaces are "free" with your paid site fee, just like it would
      be if you were camping in a tent. No reservations are being taken, the
      spaces are first come first serve.

      If there are no available spaces when you arrive, please contact me
      (grab someone with a radio to get a hold of me) and I'll gladly find a
      place for you. Do not try to find your own space as there are
      restricted areas.

      For those of you with dust allergies, the Dry RV lot at the Baseball
      Field is paved. The other lot is gravel. For handicap persons,
      transport to and from you RV/campsite can be arranged through Special

      If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at
      hrefna@... please do NOT reply to this message, and contact
      me directly at the above email address.

      Thank you,

      Lady Hrefna karsefni
      (Parking Estrella XIX)
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