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57Radio information for Estrella XVII

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  • Ken & Brenda Gant
    Feb 6, 2001
      I am forwarding this missive to the lists that I am a member of.  Please feel free to forward it to any you think would be interested.  This information is very important to all who have their own radios to use at war.  Please respond to Lady Aliannsa at the address listed below.  In Service, Mistress Brenna, Co-Main Autocrat, Estrella XVII

      I am Lady Aliannsa, Executive Assistant for Estrella War.  I will be
      handling radios for Estrella XVII.  One common mishap which occurs is that radios
      are lost or misplaced at an event the size of Estrella.  To that end, it
      would be extremely helpful if all Populace who are planning to bring their
      own radios to the war would mark them with their names and the name of their
      group.  Also, please send me a note with your name, group name and the
      serial number of your radio. (debs.r@...) Should we, as we so often
      do, find a misplaced radio, I will be able to track down who it belongs to
      and return it.

      Just a note on radio etiquette.  Channels 1 and 2 will be available for
      family use and for the general populace.  Other channels have been assigned
      to various areas of the autocrat staff, which need to be kept open for those
      purposes.  Please keep this in mind when communicating with your families
      and use the appropriate channels.

      Thank you