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223Estrella War XXII Laurels Prize Tourney Announcement

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  • sorchani
    Nov 1, 2005
      Greetings unto Laurels and Apprentices of the Known World from
      Estrella War XXII Laurels (and apprentices) Prize Tourney list sponsor.

      It is time once again to gird yourself in armour, craft in hand,
      and compete in the first true Laurels (and apprentice) Prize tourney.
      The opportunity of a lifetime is here and now. Upon the Estrella War
      XXII tourney field is your chance to strut your stuff on the
      battlefield with other artisans. To become the one and only Head
      Master or Mistress of the Masters and Mistresses.

      The rules are quite simple:

      First - you must be a Laurel or Apprentice (how obvious can we be)

      Second - you must be an authorized armoured combatant

      Third - you must bring a prize made by your own hand

      If you are an apprentice (and your Laurel doesn't fight) then your
      Laurel must sponsor you by donating a prize to bestow as they see
      fit (best death, best armour, most chivalrous etc.) When all is said
      and done the first place fighter gets first choice, second place etc.
      Other brothers and sisters of the Laurel are encouraged to donate
      prizes as they see fit as well.

      Everyone shall receive a prize, and everyone will have fun. What
      started out as a simple list of five has grown to over 30 Laurels and
      Apprentices'. Due to the overwhelming number of participants in the
      past, the list shall open at 12:00 noon, with the tournament itself
      beginning at 2:00 PM. I shall expect nothing short of magnificence.

      We shall see you there.

      Baron Domingo de la Vega y Martin, List Sponsor

      Date Thursday 16 February 2006

      Time 2:00 PM

      Contact Baron Domingo at: