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215Laurels & Apprentices Tea

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  • Anita Challis
    Feb 9, 2005
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      The Laurels' and Apprentices' Tea will be held on Friday, February 18, from
      1:00 to 3:00 PM at the encampment of Ty'r Llen within the Barony of Tir
      Ysgithr, Kingdom of Atenveldt. A banner "Per fess indented sable and ermine,
      overall a cross-crosslet fitchy azure fimbriated argent" [Blue
      cross-crosslet fitchy outlined in silver on field black above and ermine
      below] SHOULD (if not too windy or rainy) be visible from the road. I may
      also be able to provide a sign out front (again, depending on weather).

      All Laurels and Apprentices, from all Kingdoms, are invited to meet, share
      stories and to chat. Hot tea (or iced if weather is scorching) will be
      available, as will some snacks. Please BYO chair if possible. Any additional
      drinks and/or snacks would be appreciated.

      For more information find me on site--I'll be setting up on Wednesday.
      Please let all know (posting to other lists is OK and appreciated).

      If you have any questions please contact Thegn Steffan.

      Thegn Steffan yr ysgolhaig
      aka: Peter B. Worden