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211IMPORTANT Estrella War - fire extinguisher policy

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  • Anita Challis
    Jan 28, 2005
      - Please forward to other lists -
      FIRE EXTINGUISHERS: The Fire Marshall requires that EACH TENT have a minimum
      of a 2lb ABC fire extinguisher OUTSIDE in easy reach. We recommend also
      having one located by each 'kitchen' area, and fire pit.

      This is a requirement from the County Fire Marshall and affects Estrella War
      because it is held in a County park. Please put your extinguishers in an
      obvious place in your campsite, as there is a very good chance that the
      event will be inspected by the Fire Marshall.

      In service

      Lady Anita de Challis
      Publicity-crat EWXXI
      Anita Challis