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210Estrella War - it's easy to volunteer

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  • Anita Challis
    Jan 27, 2005
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      Full information is available at http://www.estrellawar.org/volunteers.html
      To all of you planning on attending, please volunteer for at least a two
      hour shift during this war, this way each of us can spend more time enjoying
      the activities and classes.

      We work every year to improve the volunteer process to make it as simple as
      we can, so this year there is a volunteer hour log form online at
      http://www.estrellawar.org/files/volunteerhoursform.pdf This allows you to
      fill out your personal information before war, turn the form in to the
      Volunteer staff to record your hours, and eliminates the need to complete
      the form at Volunteer Point, when all you want to do is redeem your hours
      for raffle tickets and get on to other things.

      Contact our Volunteer co-ordinator Lady Morwenna teg Caernarvon
      terri_m_85224@... to offer your time
      If you have a specific timetable or favorite department, let her know.
      Security is our crucial area. We are always looking to fill the shifts
      between midnight and 8 am. Troll is another crucial place needing staff to
      move people quickly through the check-in process. Saturday morning at 8 am
      is a key shift to fill.

      If you are attending as a group perhaps your group could volunteer to man a
      venue for 8 to 12 hours in pairs .
      - For example, your group could take the 8 pm - 8 am security shift for one
      - Challenge another group to outdo your volunteer time. Not only is the
      challenge fun, your SCA group will earn monies for the time worked.
      - Estrella War holds the Volunteer Banner competition. The current holder is
      Barony of Atenveldt.