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199Estrella War - !!Correction!! treaty and marshallate rules

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  • Anita Challis
    Jan 6, 2005
      A recent posting regarding the marshalate standards and competition rules
      was incorrect.

      The Estrella War treaty which outlines battle scenarios, event-specific
      standards, and competition rules can be found at

      Section IV of the treaty clearly outlines armor standards for Estrella war,
      as follows:
      A. Armor standards for each combatant shall be of their Kingdom of
      residence. However, Society minimum requirements as spelled out in the
      current Society Marshalate Rules as of the date of the signing of this
      Treaty and will be strictly enforced. Also, as face thrusts shall be
      allowed, armor standards must reflect this.

      Please be familiar with your home Kingdom's marshalate rules while you
      prepare for Estrella as well as all the relevant parts of the Estrella War
      treaty, whether you are fighting, shooting or competing in A&S. The terms
      of the Treaty will be applied at Estrella war.

      I apologise for any confusion

      Lady Anita de Challis
      Publicity-crat EWXXI
      Anita Challis