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  • Jamie
    Jul 31, 2004
      Reposted with permission from Atenveldt listserves:

      Lady Giliana


      Let me begin by saying that we all are looking forward to hosting a
      wonderful, successful Estrella War XXI at Estrella Mountain Park on
      February 16-21 of 2005 in Goodyear, Arizona. The War Autocrats have
      been working diligently on planning this event for months (yes,
      they're working already!), the site contract has been negotiated and
      completed, and the Knowne World can look forward to a glorious
      conflux of Honor, Chivalry, and Combat in our mild desert clime! No
      one knows how to host a better journey into the Current Middle Ages
      than the Kingdom of Atenveldt!

      But as we plan the 2005 War, our thoughts also move to planning
      Estrella Wars in future years. The past has shown us the many factors
      that can influence the SCA's ability to find and use viable sites for
      an event with 5,000 to 7,000 attendees. And it is clear that while
      Estrella Mountain Park is currently meeting our needs, they are (as a
      County Park) unable to provide us with a multi-year agreement. As
      development in the Estrella Park area continues, the Kingdom would
      like to have possible alternative sites as a backup if Estrella
      Mountain Park becomes unavailable. These backup sites would be
      considered for hosting the War in 2006, 2007, or thereafter if
      Estrella Mountain Park cannot be used. While we do not see that
      happening for a while, we need to have a plan in place to deal with
      the possibility should it occur.

      To this end, this Kingdom Seneschal has appointed Duke Jonathon von
      Trotha as a Deputy Kingdom Seneschal (Special Projects). His first
      project in this new position is to research and compile a list of
      potential future Estrella War sites. Once he has developed a list, he
      will also coordinate evaluation of those sites to determine their
      suitability for the SCA. This will include involving people from all
      over Atenveldt (former Crowns, War Commanders, Autocrats, Kingdom
      Officers, and members of the populace) to look at the financial,
      geographic, parking, accessibility, fighting, archery, and camping
      facilities of each potential site.

      As the Kingdom starts this site search, we would ask that individual
      SCA members NOT contact potential sites themselves. Instead, we
      would ask that you provide His Grace with the contact information so
      he can make all official SCA contacts with Site Owners. If you have
      information about a potential War Site, or you wish to assist His
      Grace with this project, please contact him (see his contact
      info in the Regnum).

      With this new position, His Grace will need assistance from all who
      have knowledge of the Lands of Atenveldt, and the running of a
      successful Estrella War. Please assist him in any way that you can.
      Your efforts will help assure that the Estrella War continues as a
      Premier event in the SCA for many years to come.

      Duchess Katerina O'Callaghan
      Kingdom Seneschal