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1Estrella War Classes

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  • Jamie
    Aug 10, 2000
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      Greetings to all teachers within the Known World, do I Madame
      Jacquelin de Normandie (Julie Bergdorf), Collegium Autocrat for
      Estrella War XVII send thee greetings:

      I am seeking individuals to teach at Estrella War XVII Arts and
      Science Collegium. We will be having a Children's Collegium, a
      Collegium and the regularly scheduled Collegium this year. The
      Children's Collegiam's point of contact is Lady Eden
      Blacksmith, the
      Dance Collegium point of Contact is Lord Dughall Mach Eoghainn Mach
      Laomuinn Mach Fhearchair and all other classes I am the point of
      contact. (Information provided below)

      Classes will be held Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday between
      the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 PM. (Times might vary depending upon
      other activities scheduled in the Arts and Science Tent). Those
      individuals who are interested please send the following information
      to the appropriate point of contact.

      1) Mundane and SCA name/titles, and contact information
      2) Name and description of your class(es)
      3) At least two times/dates in which to teach your classes(es)
      4) Any fees for your class(es) (Please keep your fee to $5.00 or less)
      5) Number of students per class if necessary (Please no one on one
      6) Location change if necessary (in a groups encampment, met at the
      front gate as examples)
      7) Any additional restrictions
      8) Any supplies (such as water, extension cords, extra tables for
      demonstration) needed for class.
      9) A brief description of your persona's history
      10) Any other information that might be useful.

      Contact Information for Collegium Autocrats

      Children's Collegium
      Lady Eden Blacksmtih
      Sonja Boroughf
      1730 Gates
      Kingman Arizona 86401
      email: edenblacksmith@...

      Dance Collegium
      Lord Dughall Mach Eoghainn Mach Laomuinn Mach Fhearchair
      Michael McCliment
      2306 E. Monona Dr.
      Phoenix Arizona 85024-4436
      email: mach3@...

      All other classes
      Madame Jacquelin de Normandie
      Julie Bergdorf
      2354 McVicar
      Kingman, Arizona 86401
      email: jacquelin@...

      In service to the dream, I remain
      Madame Jacquelin de Normandie