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1651Re: [Eshelman] RE: ASC grille

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  • Joe Lofink
    Oct 8, 2013
    No problem on the grill but the brake shoes are now pinned to the shaft and I don't want to damage the paint having them removed. I might be able to do the pedal also but let me take a look as to what it would take to remove if from the car. Attached is a picture of my restored one that I would be removing the parts from and would like you to take a look at it and make sure we are talking about the same car. I would have to ship the parts to the foundry, pay for the casting and return shipping and then ship them to you. Probably going to be in the $100-150 range. If this is OK let me know and I'll see what I can do.
    joe cell 614-374-3439
    On Sun, 10/6/13, robsas52@... <robsas52@...> wrote:

    Subject: [Eshelman] RE: ASC grille
    To: Eshelman@yahoogroups.com
    Date: Sunday, October 6, 2013, 6:25 AM


    I recently bought a 54 - 55
    CSC that I am restoring with my son for me and my
    This is just like the one
    our family had when I was a kid.
    I would be extremely
    interested in a CSC grill if you would be willing to have
    one made.
    I could also use a brake
    pedal and a couple of brake shoes.
    We could fabricate the
    brake parts without too much
    trouble, but I would like to keep this as original as
    Any help or guidance would
    be appreciated.
    Best regards,
    eshelman@yahoogroups.com, <lofinjos@...> wrote:

    I too have a 56 ASC with a decent grill. If you are

    interested I can take it out and send it to a foundry that
    can recast one for you. I have done this in the past for
    another club member with the grill out of my CSC. I will
    just charge the actual cost if you are interested. With my
    shipping the grill to and from the foundry, casting costs
    and then shipping it you would be around $100. I think there
    should be some photos of the recast grill for the CSC in one
    of the clubs albums. If you are interested let me

    --- On Sun, 2/17/13, frank351c
    <charles.franklin@...> wrote:

    From: frank351c <charles.franklin@...>
    Subject: [Eshelman] ASC grille
    To: Eshelman@yahoogroups.com
    Date: Sunday, February 17, 2013, 7:59 PM


    My 56 ASC is missing the grille. I will be making one
    from 1/2" aluminum plate. The original grille had a
    tooth missing so you could add or check engine oil. The car
    was purchased with no engine and will be fitted with a
    vanguard v-twin so the missing tooth is unnecessary. Would
    it be blasphemy to add a tooth where the original was
    missing at the bottom? Would like opinions from the experts.
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