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1643RE: [Eshelman] 1955 ASC

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  • John Zink
    Sep 19, 2013
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      My 20 year ago memory isn’t quite as bad as my 50 year ago memory or as my day-before-yesterday memory.   Actually, when I rebuilt the car it had only front wheel brakes, so that is all that will show up in the photos.   But as I recall, I was surprised to notice that at the time.  I thought I remembered an adjustable bar that ran from the bottom of the brake pedal and, somehow, operated back-wheel brake shoes.  I thought the back wheel brake shoes looked just like the front ones, except that they were upside down:  that is, they pivoted from the bottom instead of from the top.


      So, the issue remains:  am I hallucinating?  Am I having delusions of grandeur that an Eshelman would have four-wheel brakes?   


      It is probably time to re-work the Eshelman over the winter, although I may not do it myself.  I seem to have some major problems with the current engine, so it is an opportunity to refresh the whole thing.  I thought this would be an opportunity to revisit the brake issue and see if there is something I could do to restore rear brakes – if it ever had them.


      And your memory is really good, by the way.  It was almost exactly 20 years ago that I tore the car down to nearly every nut and bolt, cleaned and painted, and put it back together.




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      Hi, John. I can't open Photos on this useless WebTV without it crashing but about 20 years ago you sent me photos of your rebuilt ASC undercarriage with the new cables et al, and I posted them there. Check it out and let me know. Thanks!

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      From: John Zink
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      Subject: [Eshelman] 1955 ASC

      My memory of things 50+ years ago is lousy (almost as bad as my memory of things from last week) but I seem to recall that my 1955 ASC originally had brakes on all four wheels.  The car now has only front brakes. 


      The car left the family for a few years in the late 50s and early 60s, and went to a friend whose son was about the right age to enjoy the car.  When the car came back to my family, it had undergone considerable modification (mostly considerable improvement), so I was wondering if the rear brakes might have been removed, then.  Or did it never have rear brakes, and I am hallucinating, again?  Inquiring minds want to know.




      John Zink



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