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A repost: Making a CFM Disciple

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  • std_for_ever
    Making a CFM Disciple One of the safest places to be in a CFM church is standing next to a new convert. Why is that? Once you understand the pattern of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 20, 2006
      Making a CFM Disciple

      One of the safest places to be in a CFM church is standing next to a
      new convert. Why is that? Once you understand the pattern of
      discipleship in Christian Fellowship Ministries you'll understand.

      The word disciple is mentioned 29 times in the bible. The
      term has been defined as:" A disciple (from the Latin discipulus, a
      pupil) is one who receives instruction from another; a scholar; a
      learner; especially, a follower who has learned to believe in the
      truth of the doctrine of his teacher, and implies that the pupil is
      under the discipline of, and "understands", his teacher; an adherent
      in doctrine." In CFM disciple has been shortened to mean "learner
      and follower". Often a disciple in CFM is told by his pastor
      to "follow me as I follow Christ." The suggestion is that a disciple
      is to ultimately be a learner and follower of Jesus Christ. Nothing
      could be further from the truth.

      The making of a disciple in CFM has many steps. While the
      implication is that he will be trained to follow Christ, the reality
      is that he will be trained to follow his pastor. If the training is
      done correctly, the CFM disciple will be similar to Jonathan's
      armourbearer mentioned in 1 Sam 14: 7
      1 Sam 14:6-7
      6 And Jonathan said to the young man that bare his armour, Come, and
      let us go over unto the garrison of these uncircumcised: it may be
      that the LORD will work for us: for there is no restraint to the
      LORD to save by many or by few.

      7 And his armourbearer said unto him, Do all that is in thine heart:
      turn thee; behold, I am with thee according to thy heart.

      The objective of the CFM pastor, with regard to discipleship, is to
      create men that will serve him in every respect.

      As mentioned there are many steps to create a CFM disciple.
      These are but a few of those steps:

      • First and foremost a disciple is male. (CFM will not
      disciple women.) It is preferred that this male be between the ages
      of 18 and 26. Younger than 18 makes him a minor and dangerous to
      work with given the tactics CFM uses. If he is over 26, there is a
      chance he is too set in his ways to be effectively discipled. In
      other words, the older he is the more apt he is to have critical
      thinking abilities. A man able to think for himself is dangerous to
      • While marriage is not a disqualifier, a single male is
      preferred. If a couple comes in and gets saved, especially if they
      have been married for any length of time, discipleship is
      difficult. A good disciple will give 20+ hours a week to the
      church. While the man may well be willing to do this, his wife may
      not agree with the separation and therefore he will be pulled from
      two ends. CFM prefers young single men. Ideally a young single man
      can be trained to jump at every utterance of his pastor before he is
      allowed to date within the church. (Yes, I said allowed. No
      disciple is allowed to date without the pastor's permission. Only
      on rare occasion will he be allowed to date outside of his own
      church. Never will he be allowed to date anyone out side of the
      fellowship. To do so is to be "unequally yoked" in CFM.)
      • The perfect candidate is a young man that gets saved in CFM
      after answering an altar call at the end of a service. This person
      is ideal because he has admitted he is a sinner, God has softened
      his heart and he is at his most pliable state. At this point he is
      open to allow an older disciple to come up beside him and nurture
      him in the ways of his pastor. The new convert will be taught,
      through fellowship with the older disciple, that it is because of
      pastor, the church and CFM that he is now saved. He will be taught
      to feel beholden to his church for this great gift. He will be
      instructed that if he wants to stay saved, there are things he will
      need to do. At this point in his young life as a Christian the
      requirements are to just attend church. This is just the beginning.
      • In the first 30 to 90 days of a new convert's life in CFM he
      is the hero of the church. Everyone will bury him in love.
      Virtually all offenses will be over looked. This is why being
      around a new convert is the safest place for an older disciple.
      While Pastor may want to discipline the older convert, he won't do
      it around the new convert. To do so might scare off the new
      • Around the 90 day mark the new convert should be used to
      attending every church service. He is probably also attending most
      outreaches, Saturday night concerts and in a home bible study. He
      might have been moved into a "boys home" as well. It is at this
      point he will be allowed to see a little of the harsher side of a
      CFM pastor. Instead of waiting till the new convert is gone, Pastor
      will start dealing with issues in front of the new convert. Pastor
      will start telling other disciples how rebellious they are growing.
      He will deal with minor dating infractions like how a dating
      disciple was seen taking to his girlfriend after church in the
      parking lot, or how they were seen together in public at a
      McDonalds. The new convert will see that there are standards and
      consequences. He is still safe at this point.
      • Every new convert will have an older convert/disciple
      assigned to him. This is an older disciple that spends a tremendous
      amount of time with the new convert gaining his trust. Around the
      120 day point Pastor will "pop" or "deal with" the older disciple
      while the new convert watches. (Notice the methodical progression,
      or pattern, of discipline in proximity to the new convert.) The
      older convert, not wishing to have his head handed to him later,
      will respond to this light disciplining with great respect and
      admiration for the close attention that he has just received from
      his pastor. The progression will continue until the older disciple
      is getting verbally assaulted by the pastor as an example.
      Sometimes as a precursor the pastor will deal harshly with the older
      convert about something the new convert has done. This is very
      effective in making the new convert feel responsible and more likely
      to take the heat himself the next time. There will be a next time.
      • If for some reason the new convert starts to feel stressed
      and that he cannot continue. The "out of God's will" card will be
      played. He will be told "that it is not by accident that he is at
      that church." "If he leaves, he will be out of God's will and
      walking away from his destiny and eventually lose his salvation.'
      The premise is that it is better to deal with an angry pastor than
      an angry God. By this point in the new convert's life he is
      convinced that God has called him to pastor a church. If he leaves
      now, that will never happen. This is not discipleship. This is
      • This progression of "discipline" will continue until pastor
      can address the new convert openly without worrying if he will run.
      The pattern is this way for a reason. Pastor has an agenda. He is
      there to build a church big enough to allow him to go on staff full
      time (quit working), be able to travel and preach for love offerings
      (See the world on the church's dime while he gets paid from other
      CFM offerings), and to go to his home church and be idolized as a
      success (the ideal success for a former man pleaser himself.). He
      will accomplish these things if, and only if, he has men that fear
      him enough to take care of things while he is away. The pastor is a
      success if he has raised men pleasers to serve in his absence.

      Defining a CFM disciple:
      o Will drop everything if Pastor calls
      o Will altar all previous engagements if he thinks Pastor
      might need him
      o Will be willing to walk away from anything, including his
      marriage and family if he believes it will please his pastor.
      o Willing to be publicly humiliated by his pastor without
      o Will volunteer for all ministries without regard to family
      o Is convinced he is called to be a pastor himself
      o Will break up with any girl he has been permitted to date if
      his pastor suggests she might be trying to get between him and the
      o Considers harsh discipline to a blessing even if it is done
      in error.
      o Willing to "compass sea and land to make one disciple, and
      when he is made, make him twofold more the child of hell than
      himself." Mat 23:16
      o In summary a CFM disciple is one that has been manipulated
      into serving a man out of fear for his own salvation. He may claim
      to honor God with his words, but it is his deeds that proclaim
      Pastor, his true god, from the mountain tops.
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