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"that's all we need you for"

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  • mothertiger69
    While I m on the subject of women, I ll tell you how cfm brainwashes it s little boys. Little boy..... women are for having babies......that s ALL we need you
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2006
      While I'm on the subject of women, I'll tell you how cfm brainwashes
      it's little boys.

      Little boy....."women are for having babies......that's ALL we need
      you for!" He strongly emphasized the word ALL.

      Same little boy held one hand up high and said, "men are up here",
      then he held the other hand down low and said "women are down here".

      What was sick about it was that the little boy delivered these
      comments with a sneering and downright hateful look. The tone of
      voice was one of contempt.

      This was all said directly to a group of non cfm women. I was
      there. It was gross. We were sickened by the thought of this
      innocent child being taught to think this way. Those thoughts and
      beliefs put into a young childs mind will damage him and it could be

      This child is constantly surrounded by very undesirable cfm men, so
      he has little chance of escaping his prison.

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