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Re: Pastor Nur Rashid meets with joaquin1saved

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  • joaquin1saved
    ... Great points Ken, who knows.If it is as he says then maybe it s no big deal.It s just that Nur has a big heart, he told me he heard about all the crap
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      --- In Escape_from_the_Fellowship@yahoogroups.com, kenhaining777 <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > The original post appears below this one.
      > It is rare that someone who is in the fellowship, and certainly someone
      > who is in the "ministry," will have any kind of interactions with ex
      > members of Wayman's World. It does happen, though. I must note that
      > one of the cornerstones of Waymanism is to have nothing to do with ex
      > members. This is especially true of having anything to do with ex
      > members who voice their reasons for leaving Waymanland. The teaching of
      > Waymanism goes as far as saying that if you have anything to do with an
      > ex member, the ex member will impart a demon spirit to you, a spirit of
      > rebellion.
      > That brings up another point. The general position of Waymanism
      > concerning ex members is that they are backsliders. There are a few
      > words spoken about ex members that say there might be a chance that they
      > are still saved, but if they at all voice their reasons for leaving the
      > fellowship, it is pretty much a given that they are demon possessed
      > backsliders. Avoidance of these ex members is therefore the overriding
      > rule of the Kingdom of Wayman.
      > When someone starts to ignore any of the core teachings of Waymanchrist,
      > they put themselves in jeopardy. That is, if their behavior is
      > reported, then they could be instantly removed from "ministry." One
      > man, who would interact with us ex members on the message boards, voiced
      > his own objection to a pastor in Australia being removed from his church
      > for renting a DVD. Most probably the leadership wanted to remove him
      > anyway, and used the DVD rental as an excuse, but this does illustrate
      > how someone can suddenly be called into a meeting and lose their
      > position in Wayman O.'s fellowship.
      > Another tactic that you will find used in Waymanland is forcing the
      > person who made contact with these so called demon possessed backsliders
      > to renounce them. You will be called upon to cut them off, and
      > preferably tell them off as you are doing so. You will be expected to
      > curse them in prayer, and to thank God for leadership showing you how
      > the Devil was about to destroy you through this wicked backslider.
      > This all relates back to Wayman the Haman's demand for absolute loyalty
      > to him. If anyone has left and said that his "ministry" is anything
      > less than the greatest thing in the Earth today, then he expects you to
      > cut them off, pray against them, and speak evil of them. Please note,
      > Wayman's history reveals that he will let adultery in leaders and
      > pastors slide, but he will not tolerate anyone who is friendly to ex
      > members who criticize his "ministry."
      > Some of these current members, pastors, and leaders are kidding
      > themselves if they think the fellowship is evolving into anything less
      > than a vicious religious cult. Those lines about the fellowship
      > changing have been around for decades. There are minor adjustments here
      > and there, but the core teachings remain the same. In fact, thinking
      > the fellowship is changing, and speaking that out loud, can get you into
      > trouble.
      > I am curious, as I know there are lurkers who read here, what will
      > happen to Nur Rashid when this encounter with an ex member is reported
      > to leadership? You see, sooner or later, if a current member of
      > Waymanland has objections to the "pattern," it comes out. Your best
      > friend will report you as he or she is trained to do. There have been
      > wives and husbands reporting things their spouse said about the
      > fellowship. So, no doubt some lurking talebearer will read this and Mr.
      > Rashid will be reported. I wonder how long it will be before he is
      > questioned? He may be in for an interesting meeting with leadership in
      > the near future. Will he back down from what he knows? Or will he make
      > a stand? I suppose we might find out.
      > Again, the original post by joaguin1saved is right below this one.
      > Shalom
      > Ken
      > ***************************************************
      > I was recently contacted by an old friend of mine in the Door christian
      > fellowship.Pastor Nur Rashid sent out of the Austin church of recently
      > deceased
      > pastor Barry Parker.I hadnt spoken to him in about four years.He spent 3
      > and a
      > half years pioneering a work in Costa Rica and recently returned.He had
      > sent a
      > few text messages to me that I finnaly responded to.He wanted to meet me
      > to
      > talk.
      > He is the first person who has contacted me and wanted to meet and talk
      > since
      > I escaped the fellowship in 2010.Well we met at a starbucks yesterday
      > and we
      > went through all the reasons I left.Thanks to this web site my reasons
      > came
      > across with more clarity than I could have said alone without being able
      > to vent
      > first here.We met for about 4 hours lol.I had alot to discuss and his
      > first
      > reaction was to defend the doctrines that we discussed, when I made all
      > logical
      > points from tithing, to guilt trips, cultish behaviors, hipocacy, no
      > fruitfulness or growth of real signifacance,etc...
      > We started getting down to the word.His natural reaction was to defend
      > the
      > fellowship, untill I told him that I didn't want to meet to arguee why.I
      > just
      > simply stated these were my greivences.Also that I'm not holding him
      > personally
      > responsible in any way for why the fellowship is that way.How can I when
      > I know
      > he had a personal experience with Jesus Christ and a relationship with
      > him.We
      > all were taught the fellowship way mostly at a young and niaeve state in
      > our
      > lives.He did agree 100 per cent with all my points and even told me as
      > much as I
      > know he knows more being in the position of a pastor first then a
      > missionary of
      > a succesful work in Costa Rica.Which he gave his all to help see people
      > set free
      > at the cost of many battles and tears.
      > Someone overheard us and asked to hear my testimony.Turns out it was a
      > succesful buisnessman meeting there with a producer about making a
      > videos on
      > laguage protocals for missionarys.That's just a side note to all that
      > happened
      > at our meeting.We all gave our testimonys and traded info as they were
      > interested in videoing us about our testimony and getting Nur Rashid to
      > help
      > with the language protocal videos.Funny how God brings stuff like that
      > together.They were very shocked because that morning they decided to
      > make they
      > videos for missionarys instead of basic protocals for someone visiting a
      > foriegn
      > country.
      > Well then we talked some more about it all and Nur told me he is seeing
      > changes from that kinda stuff in the fellowship since I've been gone.We
      > agreed
      > that he was not on trial and if I ever could have vented my grievences
      > to
      > someone who could have made a difference of it in the fellowship it
      > would have
      > been my former pastor Barry Parker, but he is no longer with us.
      > We got past it all then it was brotherly love, he asked me to pray
      > grabed my
      > hands and prayered loudly for me with our heads bowed in the middle of
      > Starbucks
      > out of nowhere.Its been a long time since I did something like that but
      > I
      > surprisingly did not feel uncomfortable about it and when he finished he
      > was
      > loosening his grip on my hands when I did not let go griped his hands
      > and prayed
      > for him in the same manner.
      > Well I was surprised at all of this because out of all the years since I
      > left
      > he is the first to have the courage to honestly hear me out and want to
      > meet
      > with me.Also being very good listener as well.I never got the feeling he
      > put the
      > fellowship over the truth.There is alot wrong with the fellowship but
      > there is
      > still people in there with a purpose that only God knows.
      > All of us who are gone need to realize that we live and learn.Also we
      > are
      > twice the men and women we were for making the stands we made against
      > the
      > fellowship.Some don't realize that and it frustrates me to hear only
      > complaints
      > about how the fellowship ruined our lives and that people can't grow
      > past that
      > and forgive.Some of the evil elements of the fellowships darkside would
      > like
      > nothing better than to know that some of us pine away in bitterness and
      > unforgivness.We have a duty to get our lives back materialy succesfull,
      > mentaly
      > and spiritually.

      Great points Ken, who knows.If it is as he says then maybe it's no big deal.It's just that Nur has a big heart, he told me he heard about all the crap going on while he was in the mission field and how it broke his heart.He was torn about returning becaused he loved the people of Costa Rica and emptied himself to share the gospel.

      He told me the fellowship has about 2000 churches 700 in the US and 1300 in foriegn countries.We discused that maybe why more churches are international is because of how insideous the evil that lurks in the US churches are.Which was the whole reason I left in the first place and what we were meeting about and dicussing

      Alot changed in the chucrh when he was away in the field and the most prominent members that had been there even longer than me were dropping like flies left and right.Nur told me he knew about it and that God had put on his heart to do as Jesus did when he went to the lost of Isreal first before the gospel was preached to gentiles and it was that prompting from God being the reason he sought me out.

      If the fellowship comes for him.I say game on!Jesus is the way the TRUTH and life.The truth shall set you free.

      2 Thessalonians 2:11-12

      King James Version (KJV)

      11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

      12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

      This verse comes to mind because what we are speaking here is the truth of what we experienced and saw with our own eyes and plainly speak it.It's funny how Wayman can bash someone like Rick Ross and call him an unbelieving jew.Why critizie him and bring up that he is jewish?Why not look at why he targeted the door in the first place?It was because people came to Rick Ross with grievences against the church and he helped the people.The issues about the people are never adressed but the messengers are attacked, go figure.If thats the way it must will play out so be it.The truth always speaks louder.Also I can't seem to hear what the minions say anyways because thier actions are to loud.
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