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Re: It's all for him? and I don't mean God!

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  • kenhaining777
    Frank said: [You know the saying absolute power corrupts absolutely! That s why I think a non-biblical doctrine like headship can and is a very dangerous
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      Frank said:

      [You know the saying 'absolute power corrupts absolutely!' That's why I think a
      non-biblical doctrine like headship can and is a very dangerous thing.]

      Abraham Lincoln said that most men can handle adversity, but if you want to find out what a man is really like, give him power. 

      As Wayman got power in the church, and then in his self created fellowship, we got to see what he is really like.  This goes back to what some have tried to say over the years, that the fellowship was a good thing that went bad.  The root of Wayman's fellowship is Wayman himself, and the Little Big Man was always the kind of man that we see before us today.  That's why when you came on the message board and recounted events from the beginning of the fellowship, it showed that it was always the same.  Wayman simply got more and more power and that enabled him to express his wicked nature more and more. 

      Mitch does such an excellent job of accusing people of what Mitch himself is.  He betrays his own men, and then labels them traitors.  He is as abusive as religious leaders come, but he accuses others of abuse.  He is a trip to watch.  He will crush anyone who gets in his way, and no matter how many times he does it, those who remain see him as the hero.  Until their day comes.  Then it becomes all too obvious what the Mighty Mitch is really all about.  But at that point, none of those who remain in the church will listen to what you have to say. 

      Headship?  Mitch allows the pastors in his fellowship to be little dictators, as long as they remember that it is all for the glory, power, and honor of Waymanchrist.  As long as they are absolute worshipers of Wayman, and have nothing but praises for him, and they pay their church tithes with offerings besides, then they can be as abusive to the people in their church as they like.  However, even the slightest hint of rebellion or questioning Wayman's absolute domination of the fellowship is enough to turn Wayman's favor into wrath.  So keep that stupid smile on your face, pastor, and tell Wayman how great he is.  Sure, he just stabbed your fellow pastor in the back, but hey, it's not you, so don't worry about it.  Sing and dance the Wayman!  There you go!


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