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Re: Almost speechless almost!

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  • kenhaining777
    Frank said: {The next part is a quote from Kevin from the sermon. [Don t read into something I m saying that s not there. Because you can stand behind this
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      Frank said:

      {The next part is a quote from Kevin from the sermon. [Don't read into something
      I'm saying that's not there. Because you can stand behind this pulpit and say I
      will never rebel. I will never do this to you pastor Mitchell. I will always be
      loyal I will always be strong and 10 years from now you can say you'd be doing
      the same thing you swore you'd never do.] }

      One of the strange factors in this is that it is never considered that it is Wayman who is betraying his men, not the other way around.  Wayman lied to his men when he said, "If you do what I do, you can have what I have."  The moment these appointed leaders of Wayman start to think they can be the head of their own fellowship, Wayman sets out to destroy them.  Showing up at Bill Coolidge's church and demanding Bill's resignation was an act of betrayal, with Wayman betraying Bill, not the other way around.  If Foursquare had demanded Wayman's resignation, and tried to take the Prescott church from him, they would have heard Wayman's scream all the way to Tasmania. 

      The truth is that you had better not ever think that you can do what Wayman does and have what Wayman has.  Not in Wayman's World.  That was just one of his many lies.  When we broke off Foursquare, Wayman sent out a document stating that all the churches would own their own property and be free to follow their own destiny.  A total lie.  When my church leaders voted to do away with the media rules, I was brought into a meeting with two leaders and they demanded I recant and reinstate those silly rules, or "get out."  You can't believe anything Wayman says.  He will snake around any past comments he has made and assert himself as owner of the entire fellowship.  He has been suing a church in Fiji for over ten years for daring to leave his fellowship.  Hardly sounds like the churches are free to pursue their own destiny. 

      The problem is that when Wayman betrays a leader or group of leaders, the current leaders rally behind him.  As I mentioned, many of the leaders who left in 2000/2001 were the ones who totally trashed the leaders who left in 1990.  You never know when you are going to end up in Wayman's disfavor, and when you do, he will get all of your so called friends and associates to betray you.  David Vicary found that out not long ago when Wayman ousted him from the leadership of the Australian Potter's House churches.  At first at group of pastors in Australia rallied around Vicary, but it wasn't long before Wayman turned almost all of them against Vicary. 

      So, who's really the betrayer here?  What Foley should have preached was, "You may think that Wayman Mitchell will never betray you.  Well, there have been favored leaders and conference speakers who said the same thing and ten years later they found Wayman's knife in their backs."  But, no, Foley only sees it through Wayman's "vision."  What blew me away about the guys who were forced out of the fellowship in 2000/2001 is that they were some of the most vocally loyal men to Wayman O.  So, I know that not even Foley himself is safe.  When I saw Bill Coolidge and Hank Houghton forced out, I realized that no one is safe from being totally betrayed by the man they lifted up and praised like a god for so long. 


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