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  • kenhaining777
    Nancy said: [I wonder how many potterites are involved in luring unsuspecting victims into a hell house tonight. A complete waste of time and a deceptive
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 1, 2011

      Nancy said:

      [I wonder how many potterites are involved in luring unsuspecting victims  into a "hell house" tonight.

      A complete waste of time and a deceptive way of doing "evangelism" ...]

      "The Fellowship," as it is called, has the advantage of massive free labor.  On top of getting people to give so much money in the offerings, they also have people working like beavers to build "the kingdom." 

      The "haunted houses" that they do are an example of this.  Members of the church put in many hours of work to put on as elaborate a show as they can.  This is to show "sinners" what awaits them on the other side of death should they refuse to give their lives to Waymanchrist.  They tell people that they are giving their lives to Jesus, but really they are trying to recruit them specifically to join the church and also become religious slaves to the Kingdom of Wayman. 

      If hundreds of people pass through one of these productions, they might get one to three people to actually show up for church services as a "new convert."  Once again, this is only possible because of the massive free labor that the members provide.  No one else would put forth that much effort for such a small result.  But, since the labor is all free, the pastor encourages the members in their labors. 

      There is another factor in these type activities.  I remember asking my "pastor" about our street outreaches, noting that there were almost no converts coming out of them.  He acknowledged that this was true, but said that the street outreaches served the purpose of "firing up the people."  So, it is a win/win situation for the pastor when the people engage in these activities, such as street preaching and haunted houses.  They may pick up a convert here and there, and the people get psyched up about being "the last day greatest movement of God that the world has ever seen."  In other words, it keeps the brain washing fresh. 

      This is why if you can get a member of Wayman's World to simply stop engaging in all these activities, their chances of escaping that fellowship greatly increases.  This was even preached about.  We were told in "sermons" that one of the signs that you were backsliding was when you cut back on activities, such as street preaching and the like.  Members were even trained to confront each other.  "Hey, brother, I didn't see you on the outreach....."  and so on.  Members praised each other for "putting the kingdom first," and forsaking all other activities with spouse and children to be on the "outreach."  It keeps you "fired up."  Actually, it keeps you in that distorted, self righteous, elitist state of mind that Wayman and his pals can so easily exploit. 

      I am sure the Wednesday night services will have those testimonies and reports of how great the haunted house scene went.  "Praise the Lord! You could see the conviction on the faces of the people as they realized the wages of sin...."  Glad I won't be there. 




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