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Re: [Escape_from_the_Fellowship] Re: Astrology

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  • Denis Dearborn
    Hmm, does Wayman even know that astrology is a biblical concept? I mean, not being used to tell the future but the stars and such were used in many instances
    Message 1 of 74 , Sep 1, 2008
      Hmm, does Wayman even know that astrology is a biblical concept? I mean, not being used to tell the future but the stars and such were used in many instances and even as confirmation. I don't know a whole heck of allot about it but there is a book out by Tim Lahay called spiritual temperaments that is no different than the zodiac and get this, after you read about what "temperament" you are of coarse you now have to purchase the "handbook" for another $20. I don't see any difference between Lahays's book or reading a zodiac weather it's the American or the Chinese. My personality seems to line up with both descriptions pretty well so I don't knock it as some form of witchcraft unless it's being used to tell the future which doesn't seem to ever be correct at lest in my case, I've even used my lucky numbers and failed miserably in the lotto,lol. I have heard from some that palm reading is fairly accurate though. Ken, you may recall that I studied Hapkido for a number of years and to this day I can still form that invisible ball in between my hands known as "ki" or better known in the world of physics as electrical current being the same stuff that shocks the hell out of you when waking across a carpet and then touching something with a static charge. There is an actual breathing technique you can use to transfer that "power/electrical current" to different points of the body. I would have called this BS but my grandmaster did the demonstration years ago and he could actually create about a 2 second arc of what appeared to be a blue streak of electrical current from different parts of his body simply by breathing and diverting the flow through his body.
      Some who are on martial arts demonstration teams believe that these breathing exercises help assist in breaking as the concept is to cause a disruption in the electrical field between the point of the body and the item being struck. This is why some do those strange movements prior to yelling at the top of there lungs while striking the board/brick.
      As for me, I just use the off center strike with spacers knowing that through physics that high impact in a slightly off center blow causes a chain reaction when force/speed and area of impact is all drawn together.I have also been asked what I though about psychics and I believe that some people are blessed with being sensitive and are able to tune into past events by connection to the waves of the action. Kind of like how our speech is recorded in the air as sound waves and continues into space traveling for however long they do till they hit there designation. Interesting topic either way you look at it I guess.

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      Natasha said:

      [Hi Ken. I read on crackedpots how you're into astrology. Wasn't sure if
      I should post this over there or not. How long have you been studying
      it? What drew you to it? Are you in a paid job with astrology or is it
      just an interest? Do you study Chinese astrolgy as well? Do you do
      tarot reading, star charts and/or predictions? What else are you into?
      I've always found it interesting. My mum was always against it as she
      considered it to be witchcaft - which is probably why it interested me!
      I was interested to read that there are even Christian astologers. I
      knew that Galileo was a Christian and an astrologer but it never really
      clicked as to what that meant. Do you consider astrology spiritual?
      I don't read my daily horoscope - because it's never true for me. But I
      do believe it's true about my personality. I'm a bull and a rat to a
      tee. So now you know everything about me! lol]

      I started studying astrology at age 14, and I gave it up when I joined the fellowship.  I was doing professional readings on and off, but I hadn't gotten an office yet.  I taught an astrology class at my college, State University of New York, at Stony Brook.   I was 23 when I joined Waymanland.

      When I closed down the church I took a fresh look at astrology.  When I saw where the planets were at this stressful time in my life, I laughed out loud in the book store.  I purchased an astrology book that I had read when I was 16, Heaven Knows What, by Grant Lewi.  As I sat on my couch reading it, I can honestly say that it was the most refreshing experience I ever had.  It was like a fresh breeze blowing through my soul. 

      I have not entered back into doing professional readings during these last 14 years, but I may be doing just that in the near future. My son and I have been doing quite a lot of discussions on astrology, and he is very good at it also.  He says he is better than me.  Well, he is my son, after all.

      I would have to laugh at those fellowship Christians who say astrology is a "rip off."  If someone comes for an astrological reading, they get charged an up front fee.  People pay Waymanland immense amounts of money and get these totally inaccurate "words of knowledge," and crappy sermons that tell them they are still not good enough for Waymanchrist. 

      Anyway, I am very much into it.  Perhaps I will return to the profession in the near future.


    • kenhaining777
      Dennis said: [The only meeting I ever had with Ron was the one with my wife right before we had left. HE had Dave, his assistant pastor in the office with
      Message 74 of 74 , Sep 8, 2008
        Dennis said:
        [The only meeting I ever had with Ron was the one with my wife right before we had left. HE had Dave, his assistant pastor in the office with him along with Dave's wife Linda who on that note, I cannot believe is still in that place. Linda is one of the sweetest people you would ever meet. She is non judging and she seems to accept everyone for who they are. If the IRS were ever to open an investigation on Ron sorry to say Linda would be locked away somewhere as she is one of the primary accountants of the church.]
        I find it interesting that he would have a woman present.  That is out of the ordinary, unless the woman was brought in as a witness against the man, etc. 
        My last meeting was with my "pastor," and the "area leader," Dale Reece.  I was surprised it was just two of them.  Usually they like at least a three to one ratio to give them the upper edge.  Ironic that Reece also left the fellowship, and Warner is no longer a leader.  The fellowship is such a transitory thing. 
        Has Ron ever preached a Prescott conference?  Did he travel overseas much?  Was he in demand for "revials"?  I am trying to figure out how he got so high and mighty without having the usual 300+ people to get that conceited.  Both you and Roger pretty much describe him the same way, so I know you are not just speaking of an isolated perception. 
        I am also wondering how he could live on such a high level with that size church.  Again, I think of Harry Hills getting huge amounts of money out of a church of 40, and I know it is possible.  But still, it seems like this guy is quite the blood sucker. 
        Of course if the fellowship ever turns on Ron, they will have people testify against him, and the leaders will say, "We never knew this was going on."  What you mean you never knew?  You read it right here.
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