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EPN Opposes IL Horse Transport Bill - KILL THE BILL!

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  • Equine Protection Network, Inc
    Equine Protection Network www.equineprotectionnetwork.com March 13, 2008 PLEASE CROSSPOST IL Horse Transport Bill LEGALIZES Doubles for Horses!!!!! The EPN has
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 13, 2008
      Equine Protection Network

      March 13, 2008


      IL Horse Transport Bill LEGALIZES Doubles for Horses!!!!!

      The EPN has notified Illinois State Rep JoAnn Osmond, sponsor of the
      IL Horse Transport Bill, HB4162, that we are withdrawing our support
      due to her acceptance of a hostile amendment that was offered by the
      Farm Bureau. The result is a bill with vague language that
      legitimizes and regulates the use of double deck trailers for horses.
      A copy of our letter is included in this newsletter.

      We are asking Illinois residents to contact their legislators in the
      IL House and OPPOSE this bill. Once a bill have become toxic due to
      hostile amendments, we have no choice but to kill the bill.

      We are asking you to contact horse industry organizations and request
      that they join in opposing this legislation and that the
      organizations who were supporting the bill to pull their support. The
      EPN has the support of the National Horse Carriers Association,
      Drexler Horse Transportation, and C & E Horse Transport. All now
      oppose this toxic bill.

      The EPN has consulted with prosecutors and law enforcement agents and
      we all concur that passage of this bill with the hostile House
      Amendment 02 will result in regulation of the doubles for horses and
      does nothing to assist law enforcement in eradicating these inhumane
      trailers for horses.

      Under current IL law that prohibits cruel transport a prosecutor
      needs expert witnesses to demonstrate that doubles are inhumane. If
      the IL Horse Transport Bill passes, prosecutors will have to prove
      that the trailers were not specifically designed for horses! This
      bill will LEGALIZE the use of doubles for horses!

      It is time to KILL the IL Horse Transport Bill! This Bill is as bad
      as the proposed PA Three Legged Horse Transport Bill that the EPN
      successfully killed before passage of the PA Horse Transport Bill in

      Contact Info for IL House:


      Letter to Rep Osmond:

      Dear Representative Osmond,

      The Equine Protection Network, EPN, and our supporters are
      withdrawing our support for the Illinois Horse Transport Bill, HB
      4162 due to the vague language in House Amendment 02 called for by
      the Illinois Farm Bureau who opposed IL HB 4162 in its original form.
      This hostile amendment has vague language resulting in the regulation
      of double deck trailers for horses, not the prohibition of double
      deck trailers, which is the goal of any valid horse transport bill.

      Double deck trailers are not designed, safety tested, or manufactured
      for horses. The USDA has stated that they cannot be made safe and
      humane for horses, even if modified. The EPN has provided your office
      with documentation supporting the above statements.

      This vague language will allow people who utilize double deck
      trailers to transport horses to argue to law enforcement that their
      trailers are "specifically designed for horses". In court documents,
      news footage, and news articles relating to cases in Pennsylvania and
      New York, defendants routinely claimed that their double deck
      trailers were, "designed for horses". To quote Arlow Kiehl, convicted
      in New York of violating the New York Horse Transport Law of
      1980, "It was made for horses, and I can't seem to convince them of
      that". If it were not for Pennsylvania and New York's specific
      language offenders would not have been arrested and successfully

      This vague language will result in law enforcement not making
      arrests, and if by chance an arrest were made, prosecutors will need
      trailer experts, horse industry experts, and veterinarian experts to
      argue beyond a reasonable doubt that the trailer in question was
      not "specifically designed for horses". Any one can design a trailer
      for horses and then pay to have it manufactured and state in
      court "it was designed for horses". There is no regulatory body
      regulating the design and manufacture of horse trailers. Horse
      trailers are designed and manufactured by the horse industry's demand
      for safe and humane transport of horses.

      The EPN is disappointed and concerned that you, who expressed concern
      for the horses' welfare, so readily accepted a hostile amendment,
      that if passed will result in nothing more than a publicity victory
      for the politicians and status quo for the horses. This bill
      legitimizes the unsafe and inhumane transport of horses in double
      deck trailers and the EPN cannot support any bill that legitimizes
      the transport of horses in, any vehicle with more than one level
      stacked on top of each, no matter what their final destination.

      Christine Berry
      March 13, 2008

      For More Information on Double Deck Trailers:

      Horse Transport Information - Statutes, Convictions, Accidents,
      Photos, Federal Regulations, Pending Legislation

      House Amendment 02



      LRB095 14311 RCE 48243 a




      AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 4162, AS AMENDED,


      with reference to page and line numbers of House Amendment No.


      1, on page 1, line 9, after "other", by inserting ", unless the


      vehicle or trailer is specifically designed for the


      transportation of equidae and meets the requirements of Section


      15-103 of the Illinois Vehicle Code".

      IL Vehicle Code

      (625 ILCS 5/15‑103) (from Ch. 95 1/2, par. 15‑103)
      Sec. 15‑103. Height of vehicles. The height of a vehicle from the
      under side of the tire to the top of the vehicle, inclusive of load,
      shall not exceed 13 feet, 6 inches on any highway in the State.
      A person convicted of violating this Section is subject to the
      penalty provided in paragraph (b) of Section 15‑113.
      (Source: P.A. 92‑417, eff. 1‑1‑02.)

      We need your help to kill this TOXIC Bill that LEGALIZES Doubles for

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