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RE: [EpicureRecipes] Kraft pasta salad?

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  • Christine Bruyere
    I ve attached my cut and paste from various pasta sauces that could be used in a Kraft type pasta salad. Regards, Chrisitne PASTA SAUCES: Basic white sauce
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 21, 2009
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      I've attached my cut and paste from various pasta sauces that could be used
      in a Kraft type pasta salad.




      Basic white sauce

      adding any of the Italian Sauce Mixes; Margherita or Marinara would be my
      picks because they are bursting with flavor yet won't overpower the light
      sauce. ["Pasta" seasoning itself would also be a good choice, even Fines
      Herbes or Herbes Provencales for a light "French" inspired sauce...or even
      Greek seasoning!] You could add some grated mild cheese as well or instead
      [Cheese Potato Topper IN the sauce?? something I will have to try!]
      Possibilities with VE are almost endless.

      alfredo sauce then-
      cream, butter, VE Minced Garlic, parmesan cheese, mushrooms, VE Pesto (Herb
      or Artichoke Dip), salt & Pepper

      Saute minced garlic and mushrooms in butter.
      Add cream, parmesan & seasonings.
      Simmer until thickened

      A very delicious non-red sauce that I have been making lately is tossing
      pasta with light cream (5% fat or less), the cheese and/or bacon potatoe
      topper and some parmesan cheese. It is fabulous, creamy yet very light. Kids
      love it. It's like those packaged "sidekicks" without all the additives, fat

      Another great one is olive oil, feta or parm cheese and Sundried tomatoe dip
      mix. The opportunities are endless when using olive oil and any of our dip
      mixes, pasta seasoning etc.

      One other one I did recently was melted down some light cream cheese in a
      pan, tossing in some pasta, veggies, and any of your fav. spices, dip mixes.
      I used the garlic potatoe topper, it was fantastic. It was a very light
      cream sauce. You could also add a little milk as well to thin it out a bit.

      use the light soft philly cream cheese.......warm it until it is softened in
      the microwave and then add one of the Epicure Spice Blends (depending on my
      mood) to flavour it. The Herb and Garlic and the Pesto Herb are really nice.
      I mix the spice into the softened cream cheese and then warm it a bit more
      for the spices to infuse with the cream cheese and then toss it with
      pasta...pasta and chicken...or pasta and shrimp. I then spinkle Epicure
      Chives and some fresh diced tomatoes on top. My family loves this

      hi! 1 tbsp of the curry dip mix in some plain yogrt or a cream base is good
      the pesto maybe an idea for her as well

      I have a huge hit at parties(especailly xmas time cause it's pretty)

      you could easily mix this altogether to create a pasta sauce.......

      1 Tbsp of VE sundried tomato
      1 Tbsp of VE Pesto
      1 Tbsp of Olive oil
      ( I also add a bit of the dried VE red bell peppers, it adds to the color)

      *I personaly like to let it sit overnight

      serve on a plate and serve cream cheese on the side with crackers.....

      all the colors blend well
      you can adjust this to your desire just make sure you have equal parts

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