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Surface Water Conservation - OH

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    JOB CLASSIFICATION: Environmental Specialist 2 - 85862 PAY RANGE: 32 STARTING SALARY: Annual $39,458.00 ENDING SALARY: Annual $55,515.00 (2002 rate) POSITION
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      JOB CLASSIFICATION: Environmental Specialist 2 - 85862
      PAY RANGE: 32
      STARTING SALARY: Annual $39,458.00
      ENDING SALARY: Annual $55,515.00 (2002 rate)
      POSITION NUMBER (PCN): 34010.0
      JOB LOCATION: Central Office, Columbus, OH, Franklin County
      DATE EXPIRES: 07/04/2003 05:00:PM

      A proficiency/skills assessment may be given as part of the interview

      This is a Full-Time, Permanent, Bargaining-Unit (union), Classified
      (civil service, non-appointed) position.

      Job Duties:

      Develops and implements programs to review and evaluate long and
      short term potential adverse consequences to human health posed by
      chemical contaminants in sediment and fish tissue. Evaluates sport
      fish tissue contaminant data and recommends new or revised
      consumption advisories, and on an annual basis, publishes the Ohio
      Sport Fish Consumption Advisory in cooperation with the Ohio
      Department of Health and Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Stays
      current with national program and scientific developments relative to
      the effects of contaminants on human health and the methods used to
      assess potential human health risks. Periodically updates the content
      of the Ohio EPA web page devoted to the fish tissue program, and
      updates U.S. EPA's web-based database annually with new or revised
      sport fish consumption advisory information. Conducts human health
      water quality criteria reviews (approximately 30 per year) pursuant
      to methods contained in Ohio water quality standards. Stays current
      with national water quality standard program and scientific
      developments relative to the derivation of human health water quality
      criteria. Reviews and recommends changes to Ohio's water quality
      standards as needed. Manages and arranges for the uploading of data
      into the sediment and fish tissue chemical contaminant databases;
      performs data retrievals to meet internal and external needs.
      Evaluates fish tissue data and prepares or reviews periodic reports
      on trends and other significant findings for special purposes (e.g.,
      Technical Support Documents/TMDL project reports for specific
      impaired waters; Section 305b report; State of Lake Erie Report -
      Lake Erie Commission; Ohio River - ORSANCO). Develops, prepares and
      provides focused outreach communication materials for "at risk"
      populations (women, children, low-income subsistence fishing
      populations), and coordinates with appropriate Ohio Department of
      Health staff (e.g., Women/Infant/Children, Help Me Grow programs) and
      non-profit groups in this work. Provides technical assistance on
      human health risk assessment issues (NPDES, pretreatment, spills or
      contaminated sediment sites, etc.). Participates with Great Lakes
      States and ORSANCO on interstate issues or advisories. Answers
      technical questions and provides technical assistance to the public.

      Minimum Qualifications:

      12 mos. exp. as Environmental Specialist 1, 85861. OR 4 yrs. trg. or
      4 yrs. exp. in position involving engineering or chemistry, physics,
      biology, environmental science, geology or hydrogeology &/or other
      comparable physical or health science field &/or mathematics which
      included responsibility for conducting compliance monitoring surveys
      &/or inspections/reviews or investigations, or review of permit
      applications relative to oil & gas well operations or injection,
      annular disposal & saltwater injection wells & enhanced recovery
      projects or coal mining, or solid/hazardous waste sites or industrial
      & municipal wastewater dischargers, or collecting, compiling &
      preparing various environmental assessments, evaluations, reports &
      related documents. Training & experience must be commensurate with
      duties to be assigned. OR baccalaureate degree in engineering,
      chemistry, physics, biology, environmental science, earth science
      &/or urban & regional planning, geology or other comparable physical
      or health science fields, with training to be commensurate with
      duties to be assigned.

      Special Requirements:


      Worker Characteristics Requirements:

      B.S. in biology, zoology, epidemiology, environmental sciences or
      health science preferred. Knowledge of public and human relations.
      Proficiency in personal computer usage and associated software
      required; spreadsheet and database knowledge necessary. Must have
      good oral and written communication skills.

      APPLICATION PROCEDURES: Applications must be submitted to the Ohio
      EPA, Office of Employee Services, 122 South Front Street, Columbus,
      Ohio 43215-1099 by 5:00 p.m. on the deadline date. Applications may
      also be faxed to 614-644-2108. The Ohio EPA does not accept a U.S.
      postmark as meeting the deadline date. Employment consideration shall
      be granted only to individuals who meet the following criteria:
      Applicant must clearly indicate how the applicant meets the minimum
      qualification(s) and applicant must be able to provide documentation
      of eligibility to work in the United States.

      Please Be Sure To Use Position Control Number When Applying By Mail

      SEND APPLICATIONS TO: 122 S. Front St. P.O. Box 1049, Columbus, OH,

      or APPLY ONLINE:


      Applicants can view the vacancy status when logging onto our web site
      www.epa.state.oh.us. Click on Employment Opportunities then vacancy
      status to see if the position has been filled.

      Per the Ohio Revised Code 125.151(B), all newly hired employees will
      be required to sign up for direct deposit and have their compensation
      deposited directly to the financial institution of their choice.

      If you have any questions or concerns regarding this posting, please

      Employee Services Phone: (614) 644-2100
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