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New Year's Update from EnviroJobs

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  • Nicholas E. D'Amato
    Hello, Hope you all had a great holiday! It s 1999, and time for another record breaking year at EnviroJobs. (Okay, the records aren t that big yet, but
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 1999
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      Hope you all had a great holiday! It's 1999, and time for another record
      breaking year at EnviroJobs. (Okay, the records aren't that big yet, but
      we're still going to break them). Here's the News

      + Job posting stats for Oct. Nov. Dec.:
      - From the Web (~60%)
      - Direct from Employers (~25%)
      - Unknown (~15%)
      - # Postings: (~ 411)
      - Most common job posted: "Environmental Computer Geek" (<--
      that's an EnviroJobs title =)
      - Most common job requested: Environmental Biologist/Zoologist
      (wildife, etc.)
      - Most uncommon job requested: Environmental Psychologist
      - # members getting job interviews: 2 **
      - # members getting jobs: 1 **

      ** indicates those who have notified the group, anyone who has gotten a job
      or interview please notify the group.

      + The Job Board has been clipped. Anyone who posted their info before
      July, 1998 will need to re-post it if you're still looking for a job: (
      http://www.geocities.com/RainForest/8974/geobook.html ) The job board is
      linked to by several sites and it's still getting frequent traffic from

      + The Geocities version of the main website is starting to pick up in
      traffic, so some of the development will be steered in that direction. (
      http://www.geocities.com/RainForest/8974/ )

      + Plans to update the Environmental Job Descriptions Page ae in the works.
      I am considering adding the following career descriptions

      - Environmental Psychology/Human Ecology
      - Marine Biologist / Fisheries
      - Public Environmental Education (sounds good to me)
      - Urban Planning/ Urban Forestry

      + Comments? Suggestions? Criticisms? What would you like to see on the
      list this year?

      + Since I left, back before Christmas we have 7 new subscribers. A lot of
      people are set to "No Mail". I will send the next reminder to them on Jan.
      15th in case they forget to turn it back on.

      +We had e-mail overload back in early November, before we started under the
      new name. A lot of folks are set to digest. All digest subscribers are
      codially invited to participat in the discussion.

      + Anyone who would like to moderate the group, please volunteer! You don't
      really have to do anything, nothing ever happens on here. You just need to
      keep the archives edited for people 10 and over, and you can turn off
      people who violate the rules of the list if you spot them. So far that
      hasn't happened. You can also invite lists people to subscribe at a time.

      + Don't forget to tell a friend!

      Thanks again,


      Eugene Carroll
      (assistant moderator)
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