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August 24-26, 2012 -- Rochester Rams' Run -- The Scene II

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    _____ ROCHESTER RAMS PRESENT: THE SCENE II - AUGUST 24-26 A weekend-long LEATHER camping event on a private campground in upstate New York _____ The
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      "THE SCENE II" - AUGUST 24-26
      A weekend-long LEATHER camping event on a private campground in upstate New York

      The Rochester Rams are pleased to announce plans for their 37th anniversary run, "The Scene II" to be held August 24-26, 2012 at their secluded campsite located 45 miles west of Rochester, NY.

      The weekend fee is all-inclusive featuring:
      • All meals
      • All beverages
      • Snacks and sandwiches available round-the-clock
      • Motorcycle tour of Western NY’s beautiful lake country
      • Supervised Play Area
      • Selected Fantasy Fulfilment
      • Clothing Optional Pool and Campsite
      • Plenty of brotherhood and good times


      We have limited bunkhouse space available.  Preference will be given out-of-town motorcyclists and men with special needs.   There is space for RVs and although we can provide electric power, we have no water hook-ups.   There is plenty of room for tents!   For more information about housing at the run site, you can contact rams@...  

      Food & Drink

      The Rams pride themselves on providing the best meals of any run around!   We also provide sandwich foods and snacks round-the-clock for those late-night players.  We are fully equipped to plan for those with any special dietary needs.  The run fee includes beer, soda and water.  Several clubs host cocktail parties throughout the weekend as well!

      Travel and Equipment

      If you are a local motorcyclist and need help getting your camping equipment to the run site, have no worries!  The Rams can transport your equipment to the site for you.

      If you are travelling a long distance by airline or train, the Rams will arrange to pick you up and transport you to the run site and transport you back in plenty of time to make your connection.

      Motorcycle Ride

      You do not need to be a motorcyclist to participate in the run or the Saturday afternoon tour.  Several of our riders are always willing to take buddies.   It’s a great opportunity to get on a motorcycle and meet some of the friendliest bikers around.

      The Scene

      The Rams always provide a safe, supervised dungeon play area on-site.  In addition, this year we are looking for men interested in particular fantasies.  Write us with your idea and we will do our best to set it up for you!
      What Now?

      The run fee is $150 before July 21 or $165 by August 11.  T-shirts are an additional $14.  You can only register for by mailing in the official run application from http://www.rochesterrams.com/rams_run.html (to be updated mid-May, 2012).  Payment may be made by check or money order or by using the convenient PayPal link on the website.

      Questions?  Please email rams@...

      We hope that you will join us for a fine weekend of brotherhood and fun!
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