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Servant's Retreat 2 coming to Stratham NH

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  • asst2msgross@bdsmclasses.com
    Servant’s Retreat II For the experienced… August 13-15 2010 Stratham, NH SRII recognizes you have years of experience. SRII was designed for those who
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2010
      Servant’s Retreat II
      For the experienced…

      August 13-15 2010
      Stratham, NH

      SRII recognizes you have years of experience. SRII was designed for
      those who have served so long that most classes don’t give you much to
      take home. Bring your experience and spirit and expect an intense

      SRII is an action and results oriented weekend for those who serve.
      We’re not investigating how to carry a drink or the latest in serving
      trays—we’re going to move forward working with dynamic methodologies
      to further your passion, your ability, and your delivery of solid

      • Expect inter-connective exercises.
      • Expand your personal abilities.
      • Explore accessible and integrative philosophies and solutions.
      • Energize yourself!

      Look forward to taking home a whole new arsenal of tools at your

      SR II feedback:
      "Powerful• Cathartic• Eye-opening• Energerizing • Clarifying •
      Solidifying• Enlightening • Deeply touching • Exquisitely real."

      "I cannot say enough good things about it. It really was a life changing
      experience in a number of ways. My outlook on various areas of my life
      and my way of looking at things has changed in a number of ways. The
      tools that Catherine offers attendees to enable them look at their
      service and their life in general in new and varied ways is invaluable.
      I know that everyone that attended walked away with much more than they
      came with. I highly recommend attending SRII if you are able to do so.
      It was fantastic!" orja

      "Catherine creates an atmosphere that promotes trust and safety. This
      weekend allowed for a deeper self-reflection than SRI. SRI is a
      necessary foundation for the success of SR II. It provided a clear way
      to look at obstacles and a personalized strategy to overcome. This was
      powerful and uplifting." melanie

      "This weekend was so much more than I ever expected. I see how much I
      have grown in the time between SRI and SRII. I realize now that weeds do
      grow and can crowd what's important and deep maintenance is absolutely
      required. This weekend was that thing that I needed to really look at
      the BIG picture and prioritize what truly is important to me. I came
      with an issue that I needed to solve. During the class I found what the
      issues really were! Now I have the tools to deal with both issues. SRII
      gave me the tools needed to navigate and use these tools with
      confidence, competence and effortlessness." angel

      Visit http://www.bdsmclasses.com/srii.php to learn more about each
      module offered and prices.

      Location will be disclosed to registered attendees

      Servant’s Retreat II is open only to those who have taken SR I.
      Servant’s Retreat I & II is a progressive learning experience and no
      exceptions will be made.

      Participation is only $125 per person which includes meals!

      Payment Plans are available. Please contact my assistant nic to set up
      a payment plan. Asst2msgross@...

      Catherine Gross is a national educator who has taught at New York
      University, Black Rose, IMsL, LIL, Leatherfest, Leather University, as
      well as given hundreds of classes to smaller groups. She is the
      recipient of Black Rose's Vaughn Keith National Educator Award 2002 and
      Pantheon of Leather Southeast Community Service Award 2006. She’s
      offering Servant’s Retreat II and you must attend SRI in order to
      attend SR II.

      Be a part of it and seek your next level!

      Thank you,
      Ms. Gross' Assistant
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