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Rochester Rams 35th Anniversary Weekend

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  • Chaz Antonelli
    The Rochester Rams - Rochester, NY Rams Run - 35th Anniversary Weekend We have our old Run Date back
    Message 1 of 1 , May 12, 2010
       The Rochester Rams - Rochester, NY

      Rams Run - 35th Anniversary Weekend

      We have our old Run Date back
      August 27-29, 2010
      Application Coming soon.

      If you registered and did not get a confirmation, please contact the run chair.

      We reserve the right to refuse admittance to the Run to anyone.

      This will be our second year at our new campsite and we will now be allowing Small Campers & Small Rv's. There is no electrical hookup, or water hook up so keep that in mind.

      We will also have a space reserved for quieter camping away from the main area.

      This is a small tenting campground perfect for relaxation and fun with other men. We have a Pool, Dining facility, Rec-Hall with a pool table, Fire Pit, Cabin 4, and we will be having a motorcycle ride on Saturday for those who bring their bikes.

      If you have any questions or you have registered and did not get a confirmation please email Chip, the run chair.

      Our plans include (but are not limited to)

      • Friday Reception. Get registered, get your campsite set up, and grab a bite to eat. Registration opens at 4:00 pm, dinner starts around 6:00. Grab a beer or a cocktail -- cocktail parties start shortly before opening ceremonies.
      • Opening Ceremonies. At 9:00, we'll have our official welcome, including the Parade of Colors and administrative announcements.
      • Friday Night Party
      • Cabin 4. A special place for the heavy players. Slings, stocks and St. Andrew's crosses are just some of the attractions here. Cabin 4 will be open Friday night, part of Saturday afternoon and Saturday night.
      • The "I Like Dyke" Bike Hike. Jump on a motorcycle and speed through the countryside, led by Jack.
      • Formal Dinner. Put on your best leathers, visit with formal cocktails and dine in fine fashion at 6:30 . Our kitchen staff provides fare unrivaled at any leather run.
      • Saturday Night Party
      • Closing Ceremonies. Awards, club announcements and a tearful farewell as the run closes.

      The terms

      • Run lasts from 4:00 p.m. on Friday, June 26th to noon on Sunday, June 28th. You will have a reasonable amount of time to pack up and head out Sunday.
      • The gate to the campsite will be closed Friday night. You will not need to leave the campsite. If you do, special arrangements can be made.
      • You will not need cash. You'll have food and booze and men available; forget the rest.
      • You must bring a tent for shelter, Small Campers & Small RV's are welcome.
      • No drag, no drugs, no dogs.
      • Run rates: $110 for early registration (until May 18), $125 for late registration (until June 12).
      • Embroidered T-shirts commemorating the run are available for $14 apiece. Order it by May 18.

      About the Run

      What is a Rams Run?
      The Rams Run is a weekend-long event where leather, fetish and gay brotherhood come together. The Rams Run is held at a secluded, private campground in Upstae NY.

      What's there to do at a Rams Run?
      There are many things to do, you choose. The Rams will have a schedule of events, including opening ceremonies, several cocktail parties, themed events (varies on the theme of the run), , Cabin 4 (our well-equipped dungeon), a formal leather dinner, awards and closing ceremonies.

      What if I don't want to do nuthin'?
      The weekend has events which you may choose to participate in. If you so desire, you can take time to just relax and socialize versus participating.

      What's included in the weekend?
      The Run includes 24-hour beer and beverages. We provide all the meals and even have snacks available after-hours. Of course, you will also enjoy the company of 75 or so other men, and the famous Rams' hospitality.

      What are the accommodations?
      This is a tentning run. You may bring a small RV or Camper, there are no hookups for water or electricity, so they must me self conatined.

      What about emergencies?
      Rams are on-call 24/7 for the duration of the event.

      What about pets, drag or drugs?
      The Rams have a policy of a few things NOT to bring to the run, those are it. You can also leave lovers' quarrels home as well.

      Still have more questions?
      No problem. Email the run chair, and he'll be happy to help you out.

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