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Servant's Retreat I and II coming to a town near you!

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  • Ms Gross' Assistant
    Servants Retreat I and II Immerse yourself and seek your next level! Servants Retreat I: Dec. 5-7, 2008 / Maricopa AZ / $100.00 Jan. 23-25, 2009 Atlanta, GA /
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2008
      Servants Retreat I and II

      Immerse yourself
      and seek your next level!

      Servants Retreat I:
      Dec. 5-7, 2008 / Maricopa AZ / $100.00
      Jan. 23-25, 2009 Atlanta, GA / (price TBA)*
      Jan. 30 – Feb. 1 / Smithtown, NY / $100.00
      March 6 – 8 / Kenmore, WA / $125.00
      May 1 – 3 Austin, TX / (price TBA)*

      Servants Retreat II:
      Nov. 7 - 9 / Philly, PA / $115.00
      Feb. 6 - 8 / Baltimore, MD / $125.00
      Feb. 20 - 22 /Raleigh, NC / $115.00
      May 29 - 31 / Seattle, WA / $125.00

      *Registration will open for these workshops when prices
      have been set.

      At Servants Retreat I, we will explore in depth who we are
      as servants/bottoms/ slaves/boys/girls/etc. This retreat
      will not provide you with uniform answers- there are no
      patent answers. It is designed to provide you with tools
      that may allow you to find your answers while enhancing
      your service and self. This is an intensive, interactive
      weekend. This is not a service 101 course of study. Each
      session has worksheets and focuses on a different
      emotional or intellectual area of service. Be prepared to
      explore yourself.
      “This is my second SR. This weekend is packed with so much
      I can’t believe how much I took away again. What learned
      this weekend is going to make my service even better. It’s
      probably the best money I have spent all year!” j.b.

      Servant’s Retreat II is an action and results oriented
      weekend for those who serve. We’re not investigating how
      to carry a drink or the latest in serving trays—we’re
      going to move forward working with dynamic methodologies
      to further your passion, your ability, and your delivery
      of solid service. Look forward to taking home a whole new
      arsenal of tools at your disposal!

      Powerful, Cathartic, Eye-opening, Energerizing,
      Clarifying, Solidifying, Enlightening, Deeply touching.
      Exquisitely real. Kathie

      This weekend was beyond what I expected. I knew I would be
      addressing major issues but to have them addressed,
      confronted, and challenged and to have the tools for
      results done in such a loving and nurturing environment
      let me walk away feeling powerful. It is such a gift and
      beyond what I ever thought a weekend could create. kerri

      Catherine Gross is a national educator who has taught at
      New York University, Black Rose, IMsL, LIL, Leatherfest,
      Leather University, as well as given hundreds of classes
      to smaller groups. She is the recipient of Black Rose's
      Vaughn Keith National Educator Award 2002 and Pantheon of
      Leather Southeast Community Service Award 2006.

      To reserve your spot for Servant's Retreat I or II, you
      will need to prepay. Register early due to group size
      Please go to Http://www.BDSMClasses.com
      Please click on Servant’s Retreat I or II under Skillshops
      on the main menu.

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