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3rd Annual Leather Day of Caring Worldwide

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    Subj: 3rd Annual Leather Day of Caring Worldwide Date: 3/8/2005 1:43:55 PM Eastern Standard Time From: MsWL2004@aol.com To: MsWL2004@aol.com BCC:
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      Subj: 3rd Annual Leather Day of Caring Worldwide
      Date: 3/8/2005 1:43:55 PM Eastern Standard Time
      From: MsWL2004@...
      To: MsWL2004@...

      Dear Friend:

      Easter Weekend, March 26-27, 2005, extending into the month of
      April, Ms World Leather 2004 and the Family Hope Foundation Inc.,
      along with countless leather people across the globe will celebrate
      the third annual Leather Day of Caring Worldwide. It is a pansexual
      event of outreach, advocacy and celebration of our generosity as a

      "One Day Can Make A Difference; One Deed Can Change the Course of

      Jill Carter, 11.3.2002

      This year's platform and passion of Ms World Leather 2004, Pandora,
      is organ donor awareness. It is our hope that leaders, clubs,
      titleholders, organizations, businesses and individuals in the
      leather and BDSM community will take this opportunity to urge people
      to make personal decisions to become organ donors and support her
      efforts worldwide to impact the critical shortage of organs and
      reduce the wait that the hundreds of thousands experiencing organ
      failure now endure.

      Through Pandora's work and her contributions to the Coalition on
      Donation, the message on organ donor awareness is getting out. But,
      through you, the leather community, this message can be cast far and
      wide, and our impact can be far greater. We ask that you and your
      community plan to observe a Leather Day of Caring in some small way,
      to honor those who have given life through organ donation, the
      thousands who wait for transplants (including those in our leather
      community), to celebrate the gift of life that we all can make, and
      to raise money and awareness for donor awareness education. This is
      an opportunity to learn how transplantation benefits the world
      around us.

      Please join us in spreading the message that by giving ourselves
      through organ donation, we give life to others. Here are some
      suggestions on how to help:

      -- Hold an event to celebrate life and honor those everyday heroes
      who have said yes to donation, and to support the thousands who
      await a life-saving transplant.

      -- Distribute donation information in your community through
      brochures and newsletters.

      -- Throw a benefit party to honor a recipient, donor family or
      someone awaiting a transplant. They often share the most compelling
      stories of hope, inspiration, challenge and sacrifice.

      -- Spread the word that gay men CAN be organ donors, and through
      transplants, many with HIV, like who would have died from underlying
      illnesses are living on, thanks to their "gift of life".

      -- Sign a donor card and tell your friends and family of your

      At www.msworldleather2004.com/LDOC.html, there is a downloadable
      copy of this letter, a FAQ and resources on how to make your organ
      donor education event benefit those in your community. There's even
      a collaborative list of events happening around the globe! And, if
      you already have an event planned during this time, please embrace
      the Leather Day of Caring campaign and use it in your promotions –
      even if it doesn't benefit Pandora's campaign -- it shows that
      leather people worldwide can and do make a difference for the world
      around them.

      With a list of more than 87,000 Americans and over 200,000 worldwide
      waiting for organ transplants, it's time for all of us to
      participate in this celebration of life, and collectively work
      towards education, dispelling myths and creating hope for the
      thousands who wait. You don't have to be a titleholder to make a
      difference. Changing someone's mind, telling someone else, or just
      saying "yes" to donation CAN make a world of difference. Join us.
      Make it happen in your community.

      Please let us know how we can be of assistance in making your event
      a success. And please share with us the announcement about your
      event and the results in your local community. Again, thank you so
      much for your time and consideration.



      Ms World Leather 2004


      and the Family Hope Foundation, Inc.

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